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What YOU Need To Know When Playing Dead By Daylight

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Dead By Daylight is an Asymmetrical horror game where 4 survivors must complete generators to escape a blood-thirsty killer.


Survivors need to complete 5 out of the 7 generators scattered on the map chosen. Starting a match, this will be your number one priority as you find the nearest generator to work on. While working on generators you will periodically have a spinner-like circle appear on your screen called a 'skill check'. Press the desired button when the spinner lands on the outlined space (The white space will give you a small bonus). If you miss a skill check, the progress of the generator will regress and the killer will have a sound and visual notification of where you are.

If you see the killer coming towards you, locate your nearest pallet or open vaulting space and try to use them to your advantage. Vaults allow you to go over spaces in the wall -which take killers longer to use- and pallets can be dropped to stun the killer or to force the killer to break them. Pallets may only be used once. Remember to figure out what the killer plans to do during the chase to outsmart them.

Note: When running you will leave a trail of red scratch marks that are only visible to the killer.

Note: There are lockers you can hide in, it is not recommended to use during chase for the reason above, though may be useful if the killer doesn't know you're around in the first place. Just remember, they make a sound cue that both sides can hear.

You have 3 health states: Healthy, injured, and downed. After 2 hits you will be downed, allowing you to be picked up by the killer and be hooked. There are 3 stages on the hook: Non-struggle (You may try to escape with a 4% chance which is usually not worth the attempt), Struggling (Spam a button to avoid being instantly killed), and Death (You're dead).

When all the generators are activated, there are two exit gates, that takes 20 seconds to open, available for escape. When one is open you will have a 2-minute countdown (Slowed down by half when someone is downed or hooked). When this countdown is over, all remaining players will be penetrated by the Entity, killing them.

Note : The Entity is the god that controls the realm everyone is trapped in. It is the hand monster.


Killers need to hook survivors through 3 hook states and sacrifice them. Killers must do this before 5 out of the 7 generators are completed. Killers need to hit survivors twice to down them, which will let the killer pick them up and hook them.

Chasing after a survivor will have killers experience pallets and vaults. Vaults may be used by the survivor to get over areas, killers take a lot longer to use these vaults. Pallets can stun you if you are hit but can only be used once after being broken.

If the survivors finish all the generators, it's not over yet. Killers will experience the endgame. There will be 2 exit gates that the survivors can open in 20 seconds. Once they are open there will be a 2-minute timer (Slowed down by half if someone is downed or hooked) that will kill the survivors if it runs out. Having someone hooked at this time can force survivors to either halt opening the exit gates or, if the timer is counting, force them to choose between going for a save or leaving their teammate behind.

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