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Killer idea: Manbearpig

TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
edited September 2019 in Creations

Name: Manbearpig

Lore: one third man, one third bear and one third pig.

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.4

Terror radius: 36m

Weapon: Right claw


1- Cross species: Man, is smart enough to trap all chests at the beggining of the trial. This is instant and automatic. When someone use a trap chest they will be blinded for 10s and reveal their location to the killer for 3s.

Bear, after the first chase (succesful or not) the Manbearpig will gain the ability to smell his prey when it is around a 26m radius and not in a chase. It will creat an audio and visual notification to the killer for 3s.

Pig, can enter a state of frenzy increasing his speed but also strenght. This will increase his speed by 10% for 10s and try to hit anything close enough. The ability then goes on cd for 10s.

2- Inhuman scream: The Manbearpig can howl causing survivors at least 40m away from him to scream. This will reveal their aura to the killer for 2s and is on a ressource gauge.


1- Technology: The killer will get notified when survivors are working on a gen at least 120m/80m/40m away from them for 3s/4s/5s.

2- Devolution: Slightly/ Greatly/Tremendously increase the reduction penalty on missed skillchecks but notifications to the killer have a 20s/15s/10s delay.

3- (Hex) 3 little pigs: 2/3 survivors will appear to be the obsession but only one really is. The real obsession can repair and heal 5%/7%/9% faster (can stack with other perks) but if the killer down the real obsession the aura of the two other survivors is revealed for 3s/4s/5s.

Just for fun don't take it seriously but I welcome criticism :p

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