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PS4 VS PC Spatial Sound Difference

PhilipOmnisPhilipOmnis Member Posts: 6
edited September 2019 in Ask the Community

Howdy all!

I'm a PS4 Killer Main recently turned PC. I'm also a streamer and play pretty damned regularly. I'm currently running an Arctis Pro Wireless headset, and the swap has left me with a pretty stark difference that I'd like to know is isolated to the headset before I troubleshoot further. I'm at the level as a spirit main that I'm able to catch iron will users while I'm using the mother-daughter ring. Since moving to PC I've noticed that the difference between 2ft/5ft/10ft on my headphones is significantly less distinguishable. To the point that I'm missing hits I really shouldn't.

Anyone got any recommendations for potential settings both for windows and my arctis (if any of you are foolish enough to own one) that may help narrow down the problem or any experiences themselves?

Thanks for your time and see you in the next trial!


  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 938

    I would try the Stereo Sound option, I heard that helps.

    But, it really depends on what Your headset can handle.

    Some Headsets can handle:



    -& Surround

    So I would fiddle with the audio settings on the PC or in the game itself.

    I haven't played the PC version but, there has to be a way to change the audio. So once you do that and see which one you like best, then go with that audio setting.

    (That is all I can really help with in this issue.)

  • PhilipOmnisPhilipOmnis Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I'm really not sure what's causing it. Next time I have some free time I'm going to compare PS4 audio to PC audio, but no settings I change deal with the audio on PC correctly. It's just so baffling because I'm losing all my usual tells of survivor movement. On the one hand it seems like the sounds are ramped up which might be good (survivors from 10ft sound like someone's smothered them in gasoline and then stubbed their cigarette on them) but it means I have zero precision with my favourite killer.

    Any more ideas please do let me know!


  • EuphoricBliss35EuphoricBliss35 Member Posts: 61

    I have no idea how to dm lol. What settings were you running on ps4 btw?

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