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Killer Perk - Corpse Collector

KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 165

Just a quick idea for a perk I just had.

Corpse Collector

Start the Trial with one Token.

Grants You the ability Mori the Survivor in Dying State that would be Sacrificed on their next Hook; doing so consumes the Token.

Grants You the ability to interact with Corpses of Dead Survivors as if they were Survivors in Dying State. Increases speed while Carrying Corpses by 10/20/30%.

Comment: It's an ability that lets You essentialy pick up, carry, drop and hook corpses of dead survivors. Afaik, corpses are made when You 1/ mori a survivor 2/ survivor bleeds out 3/ survivor disconnects. The first part of the ability gives You an ability to create at least one corpse in game without use of Offerings, other Perks or relying on survivor dcs.

My first ideas for interacting with the survivor corpses were allowing Killers to eat the corpses for a buff (I considered that a little too graphic), or making barricades using corpses. Given very limited supply of corpses in game, they wouldn't be very useful.

So, what does interacting with corpse mean? It means they're viewed by game as Survivors in Dying State, so You can:

  • see them with Deerstalker
  • hook them (they'll be instantly Sacrificed and Hook destroyed)
  • activate BBQ
  • gain a Token of BBQ if You didn't get one before (this in case You mori someone without hooking them before, like Myers, or they dc)
  • activate Blood Warden
  • activate Agitation
  • pile them all in the Basement and offer them to the Entity while dancing around basement hooks

I don't know how math works, but You should have about 119% speed while carrying a Corpse with this perk? That's about 140% using Agitation, I think. Keep in mind You can't lunge, vault or break pallets while carrying so if survivors have any brain You wouldn't be able to abuse it. Or You could and I'm wrong. I just added the carrying speed so that there could be 3 Tiers of the Perk and I couldn't think of anything else.


  • SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 158

    I don't hate this. I doubt to see this in game, but I wish we could experiment with it. My wish is for them to make a feature similar to Overwatch's Workshop so we can mess around with things like this.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 788

    I thought i heard about a husk system, where the killer can still hook the body of a DC'd player.

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 165

    @csandman1977 yea, forgot about that.

    Since that's the case, dc'ed survivors will not leave Corpses behind, only Husks which are considered still living (?), I think. So the perk usage will be limited only to 1/ Mori'ed survivors or 2/ slugged survivors that bled out. So You could slug the Husk and have it bleed out if You really insisted on using this perk. I wonder if other survivors can interact with the Husk, like heal it?

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 407

    Personally, I love the concept of it. I feel it would pair great with whispers, due to it being able to 'show' survivors with 24 meters. Would definitely help on the slower killers.

    However, does it work while using there power, such as hag using her phantasm traps or Spirit using Yamokas haunting grounds.

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