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WGLF needs improvements

Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 2,453

One of the main reasons why I don't run this perk is because it invests too much time into interacting with your teammates, with very minimal blood points in an average match compared to the killer equivalent BBQ&Chille.

If every survivor is running the current version of this perk, most of them will be competing against each other to try to maximise their tokens. Also protection hits have been bugged for ages, so good luck trying to take useless hits for your teammates and not get rewarded for it.

I propose the following for WGLF:

  • Make every tier have only 2 tokens, but each token grants more blood points.

For example:

Tier 1

2 tokens / 40% extra bloodpoints for each token

Tier 2

2 tokens / 45%

Tier 3

2 tokens / 50%

This will not only reduce farming, it'll help ease the survivor grind and give everyone who wants to run this perk the opportunity to max out their tokens without feeling like they have to compete against their teammates. Also considering that this perk doesn't have a game-play advantage over BBQ, it makes sense to ease the burden to fully benefit from a pure Bloodpoint perk, considering how difficult WGLF is compared to BBQ to maximise their tokens.



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