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Demogorgons feels weird

His visuals and audio are amazing he is intimidating and scary and he looks stunning especially but his game play feels clunky and restricting like his pounce hitboxes being weird and his portals are restrictive.

First the shred. There's times where his pounce doesn't hit when it should and then there is times where it shouldn't but does which makes hitting pounces even harder. Wouldn't an ability named shred be able to destroy pallets why is it an addon and why is it his only addon that affects shred. Also he should open his mouth and hiss when of the abyss is fully charged.

His portals are also weird like how you can't place a portal in an open area but you move a little bit and then you can place it. It has alot of restrictions like you have to stand on a portal to teleport, you have a cool down, and survivors can seal a portal. Shouldn't he just be able to teleport to portals with standing on one he already has a cool down I don't see why he has to stand on one instead of having him create a portal that he goes into imminently and then it closes after.

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