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Hawkins lab theme

After playing on the Hawkins lab map a lot I can say that the two conflicting themes are a bit weird to see, you have it looking all normal and that's where all the weird lighting is with all the problems, and then you have the really cool looking upside down part of the map which should be the entire map, and it would make their lighting problems a lot easier and it would look a lot more in theme with stranger things and I would think would be cool if on the exit gates instead of a lever there's like a keypad for the elevator I think that would make a lot more sense, and also change the hues for the upside down it looks a bit to Green when it should be a dark blue and there needs to be more particle effects, what I want them to do is either stick to one thing or the other. upside down or no upside down, and fix the main big portal in the lab area it looks a bit weird how it's just orange and not pulsing at all it doesn't look alive like it does in the show which I think is a bit weird, a lot of this is just personal bias but I just wanted to say it

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