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Killer idea: The Cook

GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90
edited September 11 in Fan Creations

Name: Daniel O'Leary

Age: 32

Size: medium

Weapon: kitchen knife

Movement speed: 115%

Terror Radius: standard


O'Leary was a man who loved his work. He owned a restaurant, was well known in is Brooklyn neighborhood, had friends galore... Each morning he opened his doors, he was greeted by the same familiar faces, all smiling happily to see him. His life was perfect.

But, as with all things, that changed. One day, when the local health inspector was making his rounds, he discovered a heafty nest of rats had formed in one of is walls. Not uncommon by the ports like he was, but bad enough to get him shut down. And this, he couldn't take. He had given everything for this place. His father worked himself to death in the shipyards to help him realize his dream. And now this one man was going to take it all away.

And so, he did the only thing he could. While the inspector had his back turned, he drew a freshly sharpened knife from the block and slit the poor bastard's throat.

As the rush of adrenaline left him, a mortal terror fell over him. He'd just killed a man. Without even flinching. And now, there was only a body left, draining like a gutted pig on his floor. He had to do something. Hide the evidence...

His friends praised and applauded him, congratulating him on this new "secret recipe", devouring every last scrap he served them.

It wasn't long before people began to turn up missing, starting with some of the younger ladies in the area. Eventually, the police followed the trail of evidence back to him, storming his home and business in the middle of the night. All they found that foggy morning was an abandoned restaurant, overrun with rats, spiders, and a cellar full of bleached, neatly piled bones.

Power: Razor's Edge

The blade is to a chef as a paintbrush is to an artist, carving out a masterpiece in the kitchen. But only if it's properly maintained.

-At the start of the trial, your blade starts with 50% Sharpness.

-By holding down M2, you will begin sharpening your prized tool. This will fill the meter by 5%/sec., slowing your movement and decreasing your turn speed for the duration.

-while sharpening your blade, all scratch marks will flash brighter, making them linger for an extra 0.5 seconds.

-once the blade reaches 100%, your next strike on a survivor will leave them Mangled, as well making them bleed profusely and Hindering their movements until they manage to heal. This strike will reset the Sharpness to 50%.

-Striking a survivor will damage the blade by 15%, where as striking an object will damage it by 30%.

This is all I've got so far. If you guys like it, feel free to suggest any changes or add-on ideas for his power.


  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90


  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90

    Also, here's what the knife would look like, in case anyone wanted to know

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 3,326

    How strong is the Hindered effect? How slow does he move while sharpening? Does the scratchmarks effect stack? How long does the Hindered effect last?

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90

    Hindered is just base strength for the effect and lasts until healed alongside Mangled. While sharpening he moves at 90% speed, just a bit slower than survivors. Scratch marks flash every time he drags the blade against the sharpener, and the time bonus effects all scratch marks on the map.

    All these things can be modified by add-ons. Thanks for the feedback!

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90

    Here's his mori idea, too:

    He walks up beside the survivor, stomping on the back of their head to stun them. Then, he grips their hair, pulling their head back like Ghostface and running his blade slowly across their neck. Their eyes bulge as they start to choke on their own blood, covering their neck and rolling over as he watches them flail about. And once they go still, he licks his blade and moves on.

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90

    Alright, here's what I got for perks so far:

    1.) Bloodthirsty

    During a chase, you earn Bloodlust 2/3/5 seconds faster. Bloodlust lasts until the current chase ends(Escape or down, Injuring does not remove it). Upon leaving a chase, Bloodlust will linger for 10/12/15 seconds. Swing recovery is increased by 5/8/12% on a successful hit, but decreased by half that on a miss.

    2.) Out To Dry

    Hooking survivors does not force progression of the hook timer. Time on hook is 5/10/20% shorter, and the Struggle stage begins once there is only 25% time remaining.


    Every time you're stunned by a survivor, you gain a token, up to a maximum of 5. Your movement speed is increased by 2/3/4% for each stack. At max stacks, you may consume them to kill a survivor yourself. A stack will decay every 20 seconds when not in a chase. Entering a chase pauses the decay timer.

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