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New Survivor Perk Ideas. Moral Support and Help at Hand.

8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129
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Moral Support (Very Rare)

Each time a different teammate heals you, unhooks you, or takes a protection hit for you gain a token up to a maximum of 3.

Each token grants you 3%/4%/5% Repair speed, 30% bigger good skill checks, and 15% great skill checks.

Lose all tokens if you get hooked

Help at Hand (Very Rare)

Each survivor that is working on a generator within 4 meters of you grants the ability for everyone working on that generator to have good skill checks become great skill checks giving 2% progression towards a generator and great skill checks increase progression by an extra 1%/2%/3% for a max of 6%

Okay so Support One Another is pretty self explanatory, but for Help at Hand it goes against ruin, but you still get a regression if only a certain amount of people are working on the generator.

1 survivor - Good 5% regress, Great 0% progression

2 survivors - Good 3% regress, Great 3% progression

3 survivors - Good 1% regress, Great 6% progression

4 survivors - Good 1% progression, Great 6% Progression.


  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 407

    Personally I feel getting 3 tokens out of moral support would be difficult, and should be regardless of the survivor rather than different ones aslong as there is a cool down for gaining tokens (30 seconds?)

    Help at hand is a good idea, but the times where 2 survivors are in the same generator, unless it's early game, is fairly unlikely. And imagine in with out ruin. A 2%/4%/6% for a good skill check and a(n) 8%/11%/11% for great skill checks.

    I know Ruin is meta, but some don't run it.

    Also if multiple people bring this in God bless the killer.

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