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New Survivor perk idea: Faith

8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 247
edited September 11 in Fan Creations

For each person you unhook, heal or a person unhooks you or heals you gain a token, up to a maximum of 5 tokens. Each token grants 5%/10%/15% slowed hook timer while you are on hook. Unhooking speed for all teammates are increased by 20%.

I changed it. Better or no?

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  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 208

    A bit too many effects, I think. I don't think it should have the third one, and I'm on the fence about the second one. Just the first one would be fine, or maybe just the second one.

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 169

    As yung_slug said, just a bit much. I think keep the first part and you've got a good perk.

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 90

    Not bad, I like it

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