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New killer - Handsom Jack

csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 788

Borderlands 2 is one of if not my favorite game ever. Handsome Jack being one of the absolute greatest villains of all time, in my opinion. So since borderlands 3 is right around the corner...FRIDAY! I figured why not make him a killer in one of my favorite games.

Name - Handsome Jack

Height - Tall

TR - 32 meters

Movement speed - 110%

Weapon - Hyperion Pistol with bayonet


Holding the power button will aim down the iron sights of his pistol. While aiming he can not move and pressing the fire button shoots one projectile. The default magazine contains 5 rounds. He must reload at an ammo dump vending machine. Default 5 lockers are changed to ammo dump machines.

Power 2

Tapping the action button will cause Jack to call out for his trusty steed Butt Stallion. While riding Butt Stallion, Jack moves at 150% speed but has low turning. If Butt Stallion runs into an obstacle, she throws Jack off, stunning him for 2 seconds. Jack can also press the attack button to fire his pistol from the hip releasing all unspent ammunition in a inaccurate spray and pray attack. Pressing the action button stops Butt Stallion and sends her away.

Ambiance - Jack his known for his wit and constant harassment of the heroes through their echo communicators. In this game, when a survivor cleanses a totem, completes a genenerator, unhooks a survivor or heals someone, they will receive a message from the killer with some of his memorable lines like; 'Ah what are you doing now tool?" Or "Hey, do me a favor and go off yourself."


Conference Call - Gain a token for each hooked survivor up to 2/3/4. Noises made by survivors can be heard from 3 meters further away for each token.

Heartbreaker - A survivor in the dying state bleeds out 10% faster. Also their recover rate is reduced by 10/20/30%

Lady Fist - Hitting a survivor with a lunge attack staggers them causing them to move sideways 3 steps before the speed burst kicks in.


Don't have names for all of these but

Ammo modifier - reduces magazine size and changes projectiles to elemental based status effects.

Cryo- hindered penalty for 30/60 seconds

Caustic - Broken for 30/60

Fire - aura blindness for 60/120

Shock - mangled until healed

A scope add on that causes extra sway that slowly dissipates as you aim longer

New u - replaces ammo vendors with new u stations. Decreases magazine size to 1 and regenerates the round every 5 seconds. New u stations can be interacted with to transfer to any other new u station.

Guns guns guns - created 1 to 2 additional ammo vendors

For survivors I think it would be done like the left 4 dead stuff where different survivors have different vault hunter skins. Exception being

Krieg the psycho


Sanctuary - Once per trial, if you are within 8 meters of an injured survivor and are healthy, if the injured survivor would take damage, you would take that damage instead. The original target gets the speed boost.

Boom - If you would cleanse a dull totem while inside thr killers terror radius, all active hex perks are rendered useless for 10/15/20 seconds

Hit and Run - if you are not exhausted, while running at a killer who is carrying a survivor, you can activate this perk to bull rush the killer, stunning him and dropping the survivor. You become exhausted for the rest of the trial

I know there is zero chance of this happening, but like i said i love Jack and think it would be great to play against him and his snarky comments.

On a side note, i still think ghostface should send the picture of his victim to the other survivors after he moris them.


  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 545

    I don't see him as a horror character at all.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 788

    He's not. I just like him. And to be fair, this game is very rarely scary

  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 303

    I like Hit and Run, but just give it a long cool down instead of permanent exhaustion. Maybe give it Exhaustion for 80 seconds at rank 3, and longer below that.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 788

    Only reason i said permanent is the abuse killers would go through with 4 swfs running this. Downside needs to be ridiculous. Maybe broken for rest of trial? Or just 1 time use

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