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Error Code 100.

I asked DBD support for help on fixing my file.

I was wondering how long is it usually? I am not that impatient, I just kinda wanted to know their average time for fixing and what to expect. I think I left out something maybe, I dunno.

So what could I type to help them restore my account and how long is the typical fixing time?


  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 938

    Provide them with the following:

    Player Cloud ID: Go to Options, and in the settings tab go all the way to the bottom, Under Privacy there should be text stating "Player Cloud ID" And next to it will be your Player ID.

    Gamertag: What name do you use on Xbox, Steam or Ps4.

    The Error Code: Provide The Error code and the message that follows. (Screenshots would help.)

    What you did to get the Error: How did the error occur? List Possible Steps.

    When did you get the error and how frequently: This allows them to know if it is on their end or just yours.

    Cleared Cache/Uninstalled then Reinstalled: This allows them to know if something in your Cache was corrupted or not and is a possible fix for all issues. But if you haven't tried to uninstall then reinstall or clear cache then i'd advise doing so.

    Restart Computer, Console, or Program: Tell them if you Restarted the Computer, Console, or program so they know even a hard restart didn't work. But if you have yet to try this then I would also advise doing so.

    Hope this helps. Also for fixing time, it depends on the issue at hand.

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