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Hit boxes need rework.

Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 424
edited September 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Even when the killers have a seemingly good or decent connection as host hit boxes are still jank. I and pretty sure most people never see actual nice clean hits in this game. This whole scanning box in front of the killer thing needs to be changed or to be replaced entirely if possible. So many hits in this game happen and they almost always look like there was still a couple of feet between you and the killer.

It makes no sense. Its incredibly frustrating to love a game so much and have it frustrate you just as much. Getting hit through windows after you've started running isnt fun and dedicated servers haven't made it much better and in a few cases I've seen its actually made it worse or just has no real effect.

Playing killer I get hits that have me confused and it shouldn't be that way. Lingering hitboxes need to go too. They're nice when it comes to trying to punish a survivor that got greedy on a pallet and you catch them if they drop it but it feels more like an exploit of bad hit mechanics than anything.

I and many others love the absolute hell out of this game. But it'd be nice to have solid working hit boxes. Of the many things we want or would like to see changed I'd personally love this to be changed because so far dedicated servers doesn't seem like its going to erase the issue. First vid is mine on live a few minutes ago. Second is noob3 and the third is a random video sowing more of what i mean on why these need to change.

Edit#2 What I really should've said is that the way killer's hit survivors should change. I think the boxes on survivors themselves are mostly fine but the way the killers damage box works I believe needs to change. The danage box itself should be placed purely on their weapons and give it a small diagonal reach in front of them and not a lingering one this way if they miss the actually diagonal attack its a miss and there isn't a giant box in front of them giving easy not nice hits.


Tldr: Hitboxes please.

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