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Best ways to mess with killers

Here are some tips I've learnt to do over time:

Wraith: Go to a pallet or window when chased in stealth mode and do not use it (stand still) until the last moment before he appears, they'll be forced to chase you without disappearing the whole match, lol, repeat every time the wraith becomes invisible

Pig: Don't pop gens until you have 3 at 99% you'll mess with her without triggering the beartrap's countdown

Huntress: LOOK AT HER, you'll know when to dodge, never run in a straight line

Hillbillie: An experienced one (high ranks) have a localization build, hide in lockers every time he is going to hook someone or use disstortion.

Myers and GF: Run Spine Chill, that'll help you, also, if you're a good looper, follow GF around to reveal him EVERY time, they usually get mad AH, lol

The Hag: Crouch, I can't believe the amount of people at purple or red who still run and activate Hex totem's traps (closeby traps)

The Doctor: When he's trying to electrocute you run towards him, literally next to him, that's a dead zone for his power, they'll change to punish mode and chase you like that.

Freddy: Drop his pallets when you're away from him if you know they're fake, it will piss him off cause you just destroyed his gamestyle

Nurse: No looping, dodge her blinks, thats the only way

Bubba (cannival): Loop mid size structures and stay close to walls

Everyone: Run straight towards a window and change direction at the last moment, you have no idea how many missed hits I've seen from this, lol


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