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If Pennywise Would Be In The Game

DBDCreditDBDCredit Member Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Submissions

Alright, Now Pennywise Would Be A Good Add-on For Players And DBD Now He Is A Very Popular Killer ATM Which Means People Really like This Person. Which Means If DBD Had Him As A Killer They Would Boost Traffic To The Game .Now If DBD Does Not Jump On Pennywise The IT Team Will Make Him His Own Game. If DBD Has Him No One Will Need To Make Him His Own Game-If He Was Added To The Game He Would Have To Be Huge Which Means Different .Pennywise Should Be Able To Move As A Red Ballon For A Short Period Of Time Then Pop .Once It's Over Or He Should Be Able To Trans Form Into A Survivor For A Short Period Of Time Then Turn Back Into Him Yes This Would Be Up But The Survivors Should Be Able To Look At A Certain Part Of Him And Know It's Him Also If He Catches The Survivor He Puts Them Into The Dead Lights And If The Survivor Struggles To Get Out Of The Dead Lights And Fails They "Float" And There Eyes Turn To A Glowing Yellow For Traps Pennywise Should Have Spots Set Up Where He Can Teleport To Such As The Fridge

Also If The Survivor Is Scared Plz Make Pennywise Get Faster And Buffed,And His Teeth Comeout Like The Smile He Has With His Fangs

If He's Attacked Make Him Distorted Looking Like Maybe He Will Have A Messed Up Face.Also Make His Laughs Have A Deeper Voice Everytime He's Hit

Pennywise If Encounters With Bill Pennywise Should Turn Into Georgie And The Player Playing Bill Should Be Stuck In A Tranze Kind Of How Jason Is When His Mom Is there

Pennywise If Encounters With Beverly Pennywise Should Turn Into Her Dad And The Player Playing Bev Should Be Stuck In A Tranze

Bill-Should Carry The Nail Gun He Used With Georgie

Bev-Should Be Should Be able To Spot The Knot And Tell If It Is Pennywise

Pennywise's Name Should Be The Shapeshiffter

The Sewers +Nebolt House Should Be Map

Thanks DBD Community +DBD Team

Plz Make Ritchie And Eddie And Mike DLC Characters No Need For Stanley

Also To Make It Easter For The Survivors He Giggles Everytime He's On The Trail Of Bill Or Bev

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