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Idea for new Huntress Ultra rare add-on

NevermoreNevermore Member Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

(Name WIP) - Ultra rare Hunting Hatchets add-on

  • Increases your movement speed by 5%(additive from 110% to 115%) OR Removes movement speed penalty whilst winding up and throwing hatchets(does not stack)
  • Thrown Hatchets no longer damage survivors
  • Instead they apply the Hindered status effect for 5 seconds(stacks)
  • Hatchets thrown at dropped pallets instantly break them
  • Hatchets thrown at generators cause them to explode, loosing 5% progress and beginning regression
  • Hatchets thrown at generators with survivors working on them cause them to explode and loose 15% progress instead, but does not begin regression

Had this idea whilst discussing with a friend on how to balance the Iridescent head since it's so frustrating to play against it. Remembered Huntress only has one UR add-on and cooked up this one in my head. It focuses more on giving Huntress generator and map presseure whilst still helping her a bit in the chase by giving her Clown like elements but removing the ranged killing power aspect. It changes the way Huntress would be played completely wich is what seems most UR add-ons aim for nowadays, completely reworking an aspect of the killers power whilst giving them something new and fun to work with.

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