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Making Wraiths power an actual power.

Wraith is widely considered to be the weakest killer.

The reason I dislike him is I feel like his power is literally a NEGATIVE to a M1 killer as opposed to an advantage. He's a killer who can move barely that fast while cloaked as it is. But being cloaked has a negative impact ON HIM. It makes survivors feel more safe and they're likely to spend more time on gens. So he can surprise attack? Big deal....So you approach a gen and survivors don't break until they see you. They get more progress done so you can injure them? Well nice a regular killer can do that while chasing them off of the gen in the process. There is no advantage to survivors who can actually play.

Why not do a PTB that drastically increases the cloaked speed? If you ask me the "speed boost" to interactions and movement should be in his base kit. So drastically increase the Wraiths movement speed while cloaked as well as all interactions. The cloak literally encourages survivors to do gens and slows you down plus gives a massive warning you're there..oh and you're not actually invisible. K....Pretty much the ONLY time I have ever felt strong as the Wraith is in very conditional circumstances like the game with his wallhack add ons.

What if the Wraith could ACTUALLY surprise attack in a way thats threatening? As in injure WHILE cloaked. But perhaps not be able to down anyone like that? Applies deep wound if he hits someone already injured while cloaked?


  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 530

    He's visible from unlimited distance when he's cloaked. Maps like junkyard make it impossible to surprise attack survivors. He could at least have a maximum radius where his cloak is visible, like Freddy.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,896

    Wraith's power can only be used for bodyblocking and even for that you need add-ons to even have a chance of getting to a window faster than a survivor.

    Wraith needs something more in his basekit but I don't think attacks out of cloak would be that something.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 5,838

    Considering that he takes time and makes a ton of noise to decloak and considering that Spirit exists, I'd be okay with him just being completely invisible period while cloaked.

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 681

    Thats another good idea I think actually. It would at the very least provide Wraith with a micro buff that he absolutely needs.

    But to be honest I see no issue with just ACTUALLY making him invisible. Of course this would mean they need to revisit his bell changing add ons. Even when you manage to fully use the no TR to your advantage it doesn't really matter. The survivors get a heads up to run and in the process you just had them on the gens at the very least 2 seconds longer together (which is a lot) for the trade off of what exactly? A hit any other killer can do as well?

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,702

    It's funny cause I do very well with him. 🙌

    That doesn't mean I'm against this though, he still wouldn't beat the top 2 at least.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,123
    edited September 2019

    Wraith is not bad as you depict him, his power can be used in many useful ways. I'm definetly not against buffing his movement/action speed while cloaked to make him less addon reliant though.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,722

    While not terrible, ther IS room for improvement

    Just tweaking the minimum speed of the uncloack speed curve would do wonders.

    "Complete invisibility to targets outside X metres" would probably feel more like a QoL than a real buff, but it'd still be a welcomed change. (I think it'd be 24 <X <32)

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,921

    I stopped reading at worst killer, Bubba does worse than he does

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 681

    His power is useful in theory. I just think the trade off is far too much. Slightly faster movement speed that gives survivors incentive to stay on gens. Considering doing the least it seems like his speed should be buffed to actually make that trade off possibly worth it.

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