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Auto-bold, bold clarity, and multi-paragraph editing

For some reason, whenever you cut/copy and paste anything that was typed out in the body of a post, the pasted text is automatically bolded (as demonstrated). Oddly enough, it only occurs when you cut/copy and paste from the body text box, and not even cutting/copying from the title does this.

Which brings me to my next point: Bold text looks no different than normal text while constructing your post. When editing, this is kinda a problem, as you can only tell what's bolded after the fact, or by highlighting the exact text that's bolded. Or remembering what you bolded, of course.

And finally (this is more of a personal gripe), being unable to change multiple paragraphs at once is currently impossible, and it would be a nice QoL change if it was. If, for instance, I wanted to strikethrough the entirety of this post for some reason, I would have to highlight each paragraph individually and edit them one by one. It's not too much of a time waster, and the applications are pretty niche, but I don't see a reason why we can't.

As a final note, I'm so glad that auto-draft was disabled awhile ago. Just throwing that out there.

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