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Nerf The Demogoron

DemodogDemodog Member Posts: 9

The Demogorgon must be nerfed in order to achieve perfection. Those bony ribs are blinding to the eyes! His lunges can be viable, it must be nerfed and scrapped in a later hotfix. The way he vaults a window it too op for my T-bagging glory, it makes me too scared, nerf it. When he goes into the upside down he must be faced with a black screen the rest of the game since being able to see as a killer is op in general. The Demogorgon must be slower than the survivors since I need to shine a flashlight in its eyes before I drop the pallet. Most importantly decisive strike must be buffed into the survivors base kit and buff decisive strike in general to allow the killer to die the moment a match starts.






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