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Tru3 Goes in Hard



  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,810
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    If he wants to pop heads, as a old Pig main, you wanna use Rules Set NO.2 and Tampered Timer because survivors will rush generators until their trap is activated — they now have to search 4 boxes within 2 minutes.

    If he wants to stall, he should swap out Jigsaw's Sketch for Jigsaw's Annotated Plan.

    However, I think he found a delicate balance between the two, never used it personally, but it looks good. :)

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,775


    I am moreso referring ot his comments regarding balance found in the later half of the video.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,810

    Ah, I'll review the video now and we can have a discussion about it. 🙂

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041
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    @NMCKE I have to agree with @doitagain_ as Set Rules no.2 is completely useless at Red Ranks. If you want a build that centers around poping heads off with the RBTs, you use Box of Gears + Tampered Timer, and know when to put the helmets on.

    For me, you don't use the helmets at all until Ruin is broken, than after its broken you wait 20 seconds, maybe 30 and than start lobbing helmets on. If it doesn't kill them, it still wastes their time getting it off. RBTs these days are actually very good at keeping Survivors off generators rather than their intended purpose of killing them.

    That's why my Pig is centered around gen regression and wasting Survivors time, because more times than not if a Survivor has a RBT on their head, they'll run to the Billy boxes to remove it regardless if its activated or not. You have to know when to put it on for it to be effective in a match, you don't just put it on when you down the first Survivor...

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    Slight error on my part, I added that in below that but didn't say it at that part.

    Yes, its those two things OR its to play with your friends. But if that's the case, why is an action speed reduction an issue? If you're just playing for fun why does winning the match matter.

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 553

    Probably because there's too many variables.

    Do duos + 2 solos get an action speed reduction? Duos + duos? 3 man + solo? Just 4 man? How much are we talking? Will it be present in all ranks? What if purples are matched with red? Green with purples?

    I agree that something should probably be done about SWF in red ranks. I just think the solution isn't so simple.

    And if we play the reverse card, why should winning as killer matter if you're just playing for fun? The answer is: winning is fun.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    Of course winning is fun, but we must also look at the facts, certain things in this game are not balanced when they should be and this gets ignored for various reasons.

    For example, Legion wasn't really balanced and we can all agree on this. Their response? He was buried into the ground because of popular demand. Now you may ask, "why is this relevant to what we're talking about?" Its because, whenever something is highly sought after to be changed in this community, it comes in with a torrent of demand.

    And as such, certain things are ignored for the longest of time because they don't want to "screw up" the fix out of fear that hundreds of people will leave if its not "correct."

    If you wanted something fixed, and lets say thousands of players breathed down your neck to do it... you might mess it up. And if you do, the backlash ensues upon you (or in this case, it ensues onto the devs.) That's probably why SWFs is never touched upon when its brought up, because of how temperamental it is... it could very well be the reason that keeps players around and if messed up could have hundreds leave in its wake.

    Back to the topic at hand though, I don't think the issue should be ignored, and that's probably why Tru3 went off during that stream, because he like many others are tired of it being swept under the rug (like with other issues.) On the other hand, its probably being swept under the rug out of fear that changing it could kill parts of the community off.

    Its a double edged sword, but something should be done about it regardless of that fear... If we just ignored DS forever, people would still talk about it being busted till the end of time here. Now that its been changed, I rarely see it anymore. And people who do complain about it are being quite unreasonable from where it was originally...

    Of course people left because DS was changed, but it was an overall better outcome for the community as a whole.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 303

    I've seen extremely coordinated non SWF, but I do agree that a majority of kiillers aren't as equipped as a Nurse to deal with a very coordinated SWF. We like to make it seem like it's an easy fix but most killers on non SWF groups dominate hard all over solo queue. Everytime I'm on killer I know before the match starts if its a SWF and my main issue the majority of the time is map, or placement of my totems being in extremely safe places.

    Certain thinks should just be passive on groups of more than 3 as debuff, I do agree on that, but first lets see how Nurse turns out. She definetly needs a nerf and people who argue that are just delusional.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 2,775

    They could give SWF a debuff and indicate (in the pre-game lobby to SURVIVORS ONLY) SWF Groups. Solos would know whether a debuff would be applied during the match and to whom.

    Personally, I don't really care about who I play, anymore.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,810

    Alright, I agree with Tru3ta1ent, but up to an extent because the balance team doesn't see everything, and this also applies to the players as well.

    The balance team are far from perfect, they are human after all. For example, they butchered Freddy at the beginning week of his release, which means they didn't give Freddy enough time to see how he plays out — they didn't see he was fine as he is. Guess what? They obviously learnt from their mistakes, and we're still upset at them because we want immediate changes during the first day of a PTB. I understand the PTB is all about feedback, but we need to keep in mind about the past because we have history for a reason, namely, so it doesn't repeat itself. We should be more mindful, and take our feedback with more caution because we can't be making knee jerk reactions like the developers did. They showed us what happens when you make knee jerk reactions — we should learn from that.

    However, we are just as guilty as the balance team because we begged and begged for a healing nerf because generators were going way too fast. I seen countless players saying nerf healing, nerf healing, nerf healing, so survivors will waste more time doing nothing. Guess what we just did wrong? Yup, we repeated history and made a knee jerk reaction that did the complete opposite of what we expected.

    Overall, this isn't just the developers game, it's not just the community's game, it's our game. The developers, or in this case, the balance team, can't make this game better without the help of the community. It's a team effort, we have to watch each other's back and work towards something. We have to learn together, and stop thinking we're better than the developers because really, we're all human at the end of the day. We're all going to make mistakes, and the moment we, the community, stop this dev hate/balance team hate, and stop thinking we're better than them entitlement... we can make more progress on our project. ❤

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,192

    If they ever did decide to punish friends for playing together I would just play KYF from now on even though I play more solo than SWF. The reason is that Solo should be brought up to SWF and give the killers some buffs as well. Not like this. The balance team does have flaws but calling everything they do [BAD WORD] is not at all true.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,639

    So let me get this straight. Playing solo is all but certain demise, but playing SWF is OP?

    I've come to believe the true problem in this game is the players themselves. First of all, Tru3 is a hack. He is not even close to a top tier killer, neither am I. I see him get owned by a good team and complain, but other killers destroy the same team. That is where the problem lies. This game is made at a baseline in order to balance for the most players. Player skill can cause massive separation from there.

    Yes, SWF with skilled players can own most killers, but they too can be owned by a good killer.

    Balance is not an easy feature in a game like this. My beef usually comes in when a foreseeable problem is ignored (MoM) until there is outrage.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041
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    Read the post followed up on the one you quoted, (Not the short one the long one.) I hate when people don't do that, you're not the first to do it so its nothing personal.

    As for the topic, let me reiterate. Playing solo is usually a demise due to the fact that most solo survivors don't have the coordinated skill, nor do they have the basic concept of "working together" like a SWF does. This is due to everyone who does play solo (aka literally all Survivors have played solo) knows that if something doesn't work out, to just bail unless an opportunity arises where you can help. I.E. this means solo survivors are usually out for themselves and nothing more. This doesn't mean it defines all solo survivors, but most act like this.

    As for the players of DBD, I agree, the community is usually to blame for the faults in balance that occurs on a daily basis. When the majority (in this case, the majority is reflected by players that're not constantly in Red Ranks) is against an idea, perk, Killer, etc, than you'll find they riot about that "problem" excessively. This is to the point where the devs can't handle the overload of demands that're coming in, and as such, usually get shelved until they come up with a decisive fix to said problem.

    Now, let me explain why I agree with Tru3 while also agreeing with you that he is usually wrong in some cases. I Agree with Tru3 that SWF is a problem BECAUSE it is just another issue that stems from the constant problems this game faces. A issue is addressed, the devs give their take on how to fix said issue, the "problem" still exists, and the issue isn't resolved until further a long in its lifespan. I also agree however that Tru3s debates usually stem from his overall experience he has personally, and as such he reflects this on everyone in-general rather than thinking that it could just be him. He is in no way "one of the best" Killer mains, and tbh none of us are... We're only human, humans make errors in judgement daily.

    As for the topic, these problems have happened with DS, it happened with Legion, and its going to happen with SWF. SWF itself, is not a big problem in itself, however, the part where I agree with Tru3 is that the issue is never truly resolved until the community has come to accept that its something Killer mains have to live with. That's why I said I got used to it and overall its become less of an issue for me, because you have to just learn around it rather than just complain about it until its fixed.

    Why is this an issue then? Because (not bragging) i'm not in the majority, and don't constantly sit at green/purple ranks. So these issues don't bother me (as much), its more towards the majority, which in turn is what the devs focus on more than the minority which is Red Rankers or Killers/Survivors that have a more advanced understanding of the games mechanics.

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 5,767
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    I’ll always miss OG Freddy. Knowing what you were doing you could make gen repairs almost impossible, no matter how good the survivors were.

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  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    @GrootDude Completely true. He was one of the most fun and unique Killers I ever played since I started to main Myers back when I first got this game. I even P3-50'ed Freddy Pre-Patch and continued to play him pretty often. (And sometimes do to this day.)

    Despite this, he was still boring to play against as he was invisible 80% of the time unless you're actively seeking him. (This parts for Pre-Patch Freddy. Now a days if he walks past you you'll be put into the dream state, so its kinda decent now to face him as a Survivor.)

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,795

    I definitely agree that he was boring to face and that current Freddy is more fun to face.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    I think it has to due with the fact that he doesn't have the ability to walk with you anymore, or just in-general he used to be able to walk past everyone and not be seen if they weren't actively being put to sleep by him.

    Now if he walks past you its automatically done, so in a way hes kinda semi-invisible until hes in your general radius. This makes it feel like hes more... "view-able" I suppose? which was a constant complaint that people had with him, that he was constantly invisible, so hiding from him more times than not had people in the open to be seen.

    He was definitely one of the more easier Killers to get the first hit off of, or at least he was for me.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,795

    I didn’t mind his invisibility, I hated how long matches against some Freddy’s could last and waking up often felt hopeless since you’d likely be asleep soon, I enjoyed him a lot though to play as anyway.

  • RegionlockRegionlock Member Posts: 303
    edited September 2019

    I forgot to add, we all have our own opinions as to what is balanced or good design. For example Tru3 has stated before that NOED is bad design/broken when playing survivor, but I see no problem with cleansing a totem.. I mean if you even see NOED that means you were a lazy Gen rusher for the most part, and let's not pretend like most of us running adrenaline????

    I think Tru3 is a cool guy and all, but clearly he has one vision and sometimes people don't like to admit that they just bandwagon on a rank 1's opinion. I've heard him say that billy's perfectly balanced compared to some of the other killers... Like, you ain't gonna convince me insta chainsaw billy with the perks I use is balanced. Everyone uses what is strong for a reason. Devs need to try there best to consistently shift the meta because no game will ever be truly balanced. Only certain people understand this, sadly.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 4,637

    Was always fun to stomp teams at rank 1 as "the worst killer". Now, I just feel like I'm cheating by using him.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,810
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    I know that, but I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about at the beginning we didn't give him enough time to see how he was. People assumed at the very beginning and it didn't help the balance team at all, that's what I'm talking about. The same thing happened with the healing nerf because everyone assumed longer healing means slower generators.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    The beginning of anything is rough at first... Especially on Dead by Daylight.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 6,810

    Yeah, we messed up, which is okay, but we repeated history with the healing nerf.

    All I'm saying is we should understand how hard it is to balance the game, and give the balance team some slack. :)

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