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Don't blame the killer for "tunneling"...

justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711
edited September 2019 in General Discussions

...when the unhooker unhooks you in TR, hides and leaves you alone. Instead you should blame your team mate for 2 things:

1. Unhooking in TR instead of waiting a little bit (I usually leave the area within 10 seconds as killer)

2. Hiding after unhooking instead of getting the attention of the killer so he has at least a choice

Usually, I come back to the hook and only see that poor guy who got unhooked running for his life. I usually look for the unhooker, but they hide. So what should I do? There is no choice but going for the only survivor I can see. Give me the choice not to "tunnel" and I will happily go for the unhooker. But don't complain in endgame chat when you hide as Blendette after every unhook about tunneling.

Just to clarify that, because many don't understand that.

Its also frustating as solo survivor. Dear unhooker, ffs... Offer yourself to the killer after unhooking me when he comes back instead if hiding in a bush. How can we win as a team when you don't give the killer a choice but to tunnel the same guy over and over again. Can't you see that we all have a better chance when everyone got hooked but it's still 4vs1 instead of only 1 person gets hooked but it's a 3v1?



  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 754

    It’s not “too risky”, you struggle with it. It takes time to learn how to track survivors and you won’t get better at it if you don’t practice by attempting it.

    It may feel risky initially because it’s not a skill you’ve developed. In the end you aren’t trying to learn how to do that’s nd are doing something easy.

    its your right to do it, but own up to it and don’t blame another player for your decision.

  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 754

    That’s your decision. I’m saying he should own up to the fact that they are choosing to tunnel and it’s not the other players fault. It’s the choice of the player who is currently the killer.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 3,998

    In a game where generators can be completed within 5 minutes, simply leaving a vulnerable target alone and just opting not to pressure the survivors for free is often a losing option.

    Sure you have the choice NOT to tunnel in that situation, but you're more than likely going to lose just from that alone.

  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 754

    Just like any challenge, you need to face it to improve. Of course if you’re bad at it you will lose. It takes practice. I still stand by the statement that it’s STILL the killers fault becaus exits their choice, and the title of this thread is ridiculous.

    Tunnel if you choose to. Just don’t displace the choice and not being yours when you do it

  • QuickStiQzQuickStiQz Member Posts: 164

    You didn't need to write an essay about how you shouldn't blame the killer for tunneling. It's ok. If that's the only survivor you see, go for him. And if they get mad at you in the end game chat? Just ignore it or try to have some fun with it like I do.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,125
    edited September 2019

    I keep having games where the killer will injure the unhooker before they make the save, then chase the just-unhooked survivor, anyway. As the unhooker, I've tried throwing myself in front of the killer to get them to chase me, instead, and they still tunnel the unhooked survivor. At the beginning of the match with 4 or 5 gens still left. So, while the advice to get the killer's attention isn't necessarily wrong... it also hasn't been working at all, lately.

    As the unhooked, I've started just letting myself die when I get immediately hooked the second time, because it's not worth mashing the button on the controller just to get farmed and/or tunneled again. I'll take my 1k BP and move on.

    As killer, I often don't care much about kills, myself. If someone makes a bad save, I'll usually go after them instead of the person who got unhooked; I know how much it sucks to be a victim of both the killer and your own teammates. At most I'll slug the unhooked to slow the game down and/or prevent the "safe unhook" event.

    Anyway, the survivors make their own choices when playing, and it's the killer's choice to rehook, slug, or let be the victim of a hook farmer. When I'm a survivor, I get more annoyed at the hook farmer than the killer, but the killer still made a choice.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    don't blame me if u get d striked

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,272

    Even if you do see both survivors, you are allowed to tunnel. This is a PvP game, you are allowed to go for your opponent's weak spot, like in any other game. Also, survivors aren't helpless against tunneling, they have items, perks and teammates to help them.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 993

    I go for whoever shows the better option. Unhooked is injured, but is in a position to loop, while healthy savior is in the open? Go for savior. Unhooked is running into the open or right at me? We eating Meg tonight.

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 655

    Agreed, but the killer also has a subconscious to possibly not tunnel. It's just the players, blame either.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    But if I don't blame the Killer for me losing... who do I blame? - Every Green Rank Survivor.

  • The_ManletThe_Manlet Member Posts: 474

    It goes beyond hiding. A lot of people seem to think that they, a healthy survivor can run to the most defensible position on the map, away from any generator and emote at the killer and they'll surely get into a losing chase with them instead of looking for the unhooked survivor. It doesn't work that way. If you want the killer to go for you instead of the one who just got off the hook, you need to make it seem like the killer has a good shot at getting that first hit early. Until he can get at least one hit, a chase is completely worthless.

    I think the reason survivors don't think about this sort of thing is that perks like Borrowed Time and Decisive Strike encourage them to play stupidly and have the perks do the work for them. You definitely won't see them running Babysitter, even though it's the perfect anti-tunnel perk.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    Sorry but either you are trolling rn or you have no clue what you talking about.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 406
    edited September 2019

    This is why ds is a necessary perk. Too many games the killer will tunnel especially at the end game (and you can't really blame the killer there.) DS has helped me escape so many times. One of the most useful perks in the game. I don't get survivors who don't use it. It will come in handy in at least 1 out of 3 games usually. And not just come in handy but be the difference in whether you escape or not.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Seems to me you're just passing the blame to the survivors for your tunneling behavior.

    I don't blame you or the survivor though. I blame BHVR for their game design that encourages tunneling.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,896

    Survivors who complain are always the same type of survivors who go to the hook the second you turn your back and then you come back to the hook because you have no clue where other survivors are (because you had no time to look for them) and then they call you a tunneler and complain that you keep coming back to the hook.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    When I play survivor and do a risky unhook (or the killer just comes back immediately) I ALWAYS present myself as bait to chase me. I also run around to mud the scratchmarks of my mates. Imo THATS how a good team mate plays. Taking the attention of the killer when needed instead of avoiding it and watching how your team mates are getting slaughtered.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 6,041

    This happens often in my matches also, I usually just see the injured Survivor and if on the rare ocassion I don't find the unhooker, I leave and patrol the other generators.

    I refuse to tunnel, even when its spoon fed to me. Sometimes I will however hit the injured Survivor but dont pick them up, and just find the unhooker. This keeps the unhooked Survivor from just doing gens and or healing and than doing gens. My act of kindness isn't to be taken as weakness.

    Its insurance if you will to slug them, but I refuse to actively tunnel any Survivor to death as I can see why it is annoying to have it happen to you, especially if I was the Survivor for example.

    I don't camp either, if you need to camp and or tunnel a Survivor to get a sacrifice, than it just shows the lack of skill you possess in-general. Its kind of an unspoken rule of mine to not tunnel or camp.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 232

    Story of my life.

    In that case I usually chase and down unhooked survivor and leave him be... for at least duration of DS... If I see someone else I go for the other person leaving unhooked one running or dying on floor depending on the situation

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,721

    "Dont do the 80% generator in front of you, look for another one!"

    "Dont do more than 30% of a henarator in one sitting. Swap gens!"

    If that sounds stupid, welcome to what killers think about all those tunnel and camping claims.


    Sad that apparantly killers arent allowed to play smart.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,605

    Can't get tunneled...

    ...if you don't get caught.

    Joke by the way, calm down.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 1,657
    edited September 2019

    Honestly you play and do what you feel you need to do... regardless of how “scummy” it might seem. Obviously the survivor saving was not playing at optimal level. Taking a hit or giving up a hook matters in this game.

    I just wish the “Nerf DS” threads would stop after this.

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