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Some Prison Guard styled perks

AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 993

Probably not the best balance, but still decent perks i think



You make sure to stop and dissuade the survivors from escaping. After damaging a generator, the generator becomes blocked for 30/30/45 seconds. This applies to the last 1/2/2 generators damaged


You will bring control to the riot. When the endgame collapse begins, when a survivor is down or hooked, the timer is 50%/75%/100% less affected by the slow.

Hex: Restrain

You will do all in your power to keep the prisoners in their prison. Once the generators are powered, a dull totem will become a hex totem if available. While the totem stands, all hooks gain the following bonuses:

10%/15%/20% faster progression

20%/40%/60% increased difficulty on escape attempts (Deliverance soft counter)

10%/15%/20% increased penalty to escape fails.

(Stacks with Monstrous shrine)


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