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Welcome to the Official Dead by Daylight forums! Before you start posting, please take a moment to read through these guidelines.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful to other members
  •            Racism or discrimination in any form is not tolerated
  • Please do not encourage negative behavior (e.g. encouraging DCs and griefing, etc.)
  • Please do not make light of serious issues (e.g. “This is cancer/aids”)
  • We have a profanity filter on the forums. Please don’t attempt to bypass it
  • If your post may reflect negatively on another person or people, please censor their name(s)
  • Try to keep your topic as clear and constructive as possible and post in the proper subforum
  • Please keep your posts on topic
  •            If you'd like to discuss something else, feel free to make a new thread
  • Please use the reporting system responsibly
  •            Avoid commenting that you have reported someone

Please avoid posting the following:

  • Things that do not contribute to the discussion (e.g. baits, etc.)
  • Any inappropriate/offensive content: malware/phishing sites, porn, leaked content, copyrighted content
  • Advertisements outside of the appropriate sections (e.g. Twitch streams go in Media Lounge)
  • Controversial topics (e.g. Politics, religion)
  • Bumping threads
  • About a specific person’s ban
  •            If you need to appeal a game ban, please create a ticket here
  • Any premeditated attacks on any of our platforms
  • Any form of trade posts will be removed

Permanent bans will be issued without warning for the following:

  • Threats, even as a joke
  • Attempting to bypass a previous ban
  • The use of alt accounts in any capacity
  • Posting another user’s personal information
  • Linking to, advertising, or distributing cheats or exploits
  • Openly admitting to cheating

Name change

If you want to change your name, please check this link and read through it before requesting a name change.


We may use, redistribute or disclose your submissions without any restriction, for commercial or other purposes, without any compensation, credit or further obligation to you or any third party. Further, your submissions will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary.

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