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Just a Survivor Concept

Rose Simmons - A passionate musician, able to stealthly work on objectives and escape when the killer approaches. Her personal perks, Lightfoot, Stay Back! and Echolocation enhance her hearing capabilites and allow her to escape situations from the killer.

Lightfoot -

Listening all your life has taught you a thing or two about staying quiet.

While walking, your footsteps are 50%/100%/100% quieter and your running is also 0%/50%/100% quiet.

Stay Back! -

When terrified, your adrenaline enhances your Fight or Flight, allowing you to run away in dire situations.

Once you drop a pallet, you run at 150% your normal running speed for 3 seconds.

Causes Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

Echolocation -

As a musician, audio has become easier and more discernable from different ranges.

You suffer from the Blindness effect for the rest of the trial.

You can hear the killer's natural sounds 25%/50%/100% louder (The Pig's breathing while crouching, The Shape's breathing, Ghostface's sounds etc.)

The Terror Radius is now directional.

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