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Devs, I have a question about the future Legion changes

So, Legion will be changed in the near future (1-2 months from now) and you are going to rework his add-ons first and then change/buff his power?

To me, that seems a lot counterproductive.

Is this how you will really procceed?


  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,832

    No date has been given out yet. I would bet on mid-chapter, chapter 14 or chapter 15.

    Don't get your hopes up.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 754

    That was just a guess, I know that there were no dates given.

    I was just asking if it is how they will procceed.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,832

    They also never said how they would proceed.

    You're running on non-existent information right now.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,340
    edited September 2019

    They said only about the changes for addons, but also some killers will get a bigger changes while others will get a smaller to base kit.

    Also it will happen in: NEAR future.

    Question? How close we are to this future? 🤔

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 754
    edited September 2019

    Q:"Any Legion buffs in the near future?"

    A:"We are planning on looking into their add-ons in the near future. In particular, we would like to change their status effect add-ons to be on hit rather than when hitting a survivor that already has deep wounds. We do not have an ETA at this time, but we will let you know as soon as we can." - July 25th

    "We do have something in our roadmap for Legion. Right now, the live design team is concentrating on the Nurse addon rehaul (among other stuff).

    We are too early in the development process on the Legion changes to communicate about an ETA or even the changes themselves but be sure that when we are ready, we will communicate about it." - Not_Queen - semptember 11th on "DEVS, ARE YOU GONNA IGNORE LEGION'S PROBLEMS FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS?"

    "Non-existant information"

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 263

    I just hope they will change status effect ones and buff others, like cd addons, because they are joke to me. Very rare addon that gives you JUST decrease of 0.6 second to your stun… They didn't think about that, did they?

    Also some small number changes to his base kit wouldn't hurt.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,832

    I wasn't aware about this information. I apologise. But, they did say there isn't an ETA.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 754

    Apologies accepted :)

    They did say in a near future and that comes 1-2 or maybe 3 months later. After all, it was a guess.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,819

    There's no information now with regards to what changes exactly what will be made - when the developers are ready to proceed I am sure they will communicate their intentions then.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,105
    edited September 2019

    There is no date set yet. Can be a month, can be year. Far as I have understand the messages.

    Should they finally decide to do the necessary and on long term unavoidable, aka also touch the Legion basekit, I hope that they do it this time with the Legion mains and their fun in mind.

    A raging survivor is maybe upset about his match against the Legion, but already in the next match he has a very high chance to meet a different killer.

    That is obviously not the case for a Legion main, since he plays him highley possible more as one match after another.

    What the announced addon changes matters, so I hope they will not be too strong.

    The old Legion had produce nerf threads because of his op addons and exploits. Not because of his base abilities. I hope the devs make this mistake not again. So no op addons please.

    Do instead a better frenzy abilitie. A frenzy abiltie that feels fast again. That would a primary wish we read in those forums again and again (and also from me).

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Should just be a full rework in my opinion

  • MemberBerryMemberBerry Member Posts: 394

    Expect changes in 2021.

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