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What's the best and worst match you've ever had, in your opinion?

PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,925
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We all have highs and lows, lets share 'em! Please BOLD the words "My best match" or "My worst match" that way people can find the stories they're looking for.

My best match was probably a rather odd match with a Pig player called Pawzie. Early in the match she ambushed me in the Badham School basement where I was "searching" a chest for my guaranteed Emergency Aid Kit. She lunges out and stabs me and I just take it. I calmly stare her down, shake my head and finish searching the chest while she confusedly watches me. Fast forward a bit and me and the last remaining survivor are working on a gen. And I know where the hatch is( it was in that one spot under the school, you know the one.) As Pawzie lunges at us I quickly leave the Feng to her fate and race to the hatch. Feng gets downed immediately but Pawzie wasn't just going to let me get away at least, not until what happened next. Since there's a mattress not more than a meter away from the hatch I just wait crouched upon it. So then Pawzie gets to the room and looks at the hatch with nobody on it and then just sees me sitting on the mattress. She just stares at me and I stare at her and then the mattress a few times.

Then she left. Feng died shortly after but she was on last hook anyway and so was I. My favorite part of the match was just staring down a Pig, a killer I usually loathe playing against only to scare her off with awkwardness.

My worst match was a game where I got paired up with some Twitch sabo squad. The leader tried to talk me into joining so I said I'll give a supply drop. Since I don't sabo I gave away an Alex's Toolbox with a Hacksaw add-on. The match started well enough though it had a slow start thanks to the saboteurs not being on generators. Come to the climax of the game and the killer I barely saw was being rather boorish. He had left me on the ground and had his saw revved in anticipation for altruism. "Now why would he do this?" You might ask. You see, the devs in all of their infinite wisdom decided to change how the obsession marking works so I, the humble healer and chest scavenger (P,SC,BK,PI) had the obsession tendrils bound to them. I guess one of the other guys had DS.

So after 2 minutes of body camping, from a rank 20 Hillbilly we get to the post game. I apologize for the rude remarks I gave my comrades but I knew the truth. If the survivor with DS hadn't brought it, I wouldn't have been the obsession. If my comrades hadn't insisted on running the Sabo squad technique on HADDONFIELD, then maybe I would of had a fun game or at least died contently.

If any of them see this, I'm sorry for all of the venom in the post-game chat, really, I just lost my composure after and really out of the blue tunnel. (Side note: I do wear all Prestige on Quentin, however, I didn't teabag the killer or try any funny business. I juked him at the House of Pain with the terrace fall into bush strategy and had 1, 2 mediocure chases with the guy tops.)

Well, what are your stories folks?


  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,113

    5 gen Hillbilly snowball and Myers EW3 snowball.

    Worst? Found no Survivor in the Yamaoka map with Ghostface, no one, did not hit anyone.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,613

    Just yesterday, first match as Spirit, decided to stomp some rank 13s with Prayer Beads. Two bloody party streamers were offered. I yoink Ash off of a gen and then I yoinked David off the hook. Both killed themselves.

    I just farmed with the last two.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,612

    Best match was as Legion. My perks: Devour Hope, Thrill of the Hunt, Dying Light, I forget the last perk.

    My initial strategy was just to stay in the area my totems were roughly in, good think they spawned closer together. Bad news was this was on Blood Lodge. Every survivor acted toxic when I gave chase. I used my Iri button to my advantage, but downing people at first was hard, since they were high ranks. For the longest time I had two tokens, but when I got three, I was chasing a Jake who was particularly cocky. he decided to Tbag at killer shack window, and I knew now he had to slow vault when I caught up to him. So then he goes down, I hook him away from my totems, and then go back to the three gens closest gen to the totems. Then it's just me defending totems. I got my fifth token while carrying a P3 nea. I drop and mori. I do that for every survivor (both tried to get rid of the totems, but by then too late) until a meg is left. I find her when going between the doors. She had the chance to go to hatch, but either didn't know it was there or was panicking... I got to it first and closed it. Then I got her.

    Favorite survivor match was when I got Adept Ash. It's why I'll defend Flip Flop to this day. The nurse had NOED, and killed two survivors and I was the last one. No hooks were near me, and I had full Flip Flop. I was able to wiggle out, and run to the open gate. That perk saved me, and has saved me every time I use it.

    Worst Match was probably as Michael, with scratched mirror, and got forced to a swamp map. Try as I might, I can't get anyone. Not very fun.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,125
    edited September 2019

    Worst Match: Possibly one I had today as survivor. Right at the beginning of the match, a survivor in a chase runs by me, bringing Myers right to me. I get downed and hooked. All three survivors just work on gens; two work on the same gen together. None of the survivors even glanced in my direction. I died on my first hook with about 1k points.

    I then watched as they all got each other killed. One survivor ran up to save a Meg in second stage, who let herself die the moment the other survivor reached her. Down to two survivors. A Claudette with Empathy ran straight to the other injured survivor while in a chase, getting that one hooked. Then the hooked survivor hung on until the Claudette was downed, leaving Claudette no chance at the hatch.

    We were on a MacMillan map. Spectating, I realized right away the Myers was running Scratched Mirror. From the way they all played, I don't think any of them realized it: they tried to crouch behind stuff to hide 'til the very end.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 819

    Worst could be any of the countless times a killer facecamped me for the crime of existing, back when you could only unhook from the front. Those, or the time the Pig stood on top of the basement stairs and trapped two of us with helmets. Problem was, apparently the others realized what was going on or were an SWF, because the other teammates just 99%'d the remaining gens. So we sat there all doing absolutely nothing until they had all the gens ready. And then... they waited for her to move. We all just waited. For ages.

    Best? Eh, most wins are about the same.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,921

    Best match was getting 4k on Lerys with billy

    Worst map was not killing anyone as Michael on lerys

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