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Share your worst survivor horror stories here

SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

I'm a survivor main, but today I got stuck with that Huntress daily where you gotta land four hatchet hits. I can't land a hatchet or play killer to save my life, but I figure I'll just ask someone in the pre-lobby to help a sister out in exchange for an EZ win.

I've done it for killers before, right? It's not a big deal. Let him ya a couple times with their alt, they let you out, good deed for the day done, right? So I get into a lobby and message a guy something along the lines of "Hey, can I land a few hatchets on you for a daily?" Nothing rude or bossy, just the request.

His response?

"F*** you and your daily."

So I of course tell him that was really rude and that I was gonna let him live. As in, I was gonna land my hatchets and then go hide in a corner bc I have no business playing killer. Of course he and his SWF group being carried by their rank 13 pal run literal circles around me, and I get harassed by them all post-game bc they thought my "letting him live" comment was trash talking. One of them bragged about his oh so dope flashlight saves *eye roll*. All in all, a group of try hards who have pinned way too much of their self-esteem on this game.

Next lobby a rank twelve happily agreed to help me. I got my daily done, everything was fine. But man, that first bunch.

So wbu guys? I'm sure my tale pales in comparison to anything the killer veterans can recall. Consider this a judgement free therapy zone. We've all been hurt by overzealous SWF groups here.


  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,321

    I once had a shirtless David join up in my lobby and I was soooo excited, but the he switched to Meg last second Q.Q

    I have never trusted anyone since.....

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,608

    All I wanted was a decent Bubba game, but I got some real sh*t for playing bubba at rank 3. Some survivors think they're better than certain killers and shouldn't have to play against them. To be fair, two of them got away, but I kept chaining them down whenever I found them, so it was more like they were ultra sweaty, even more than I am.

    That game I got my first salty voice message (I'm on xbox) and it was really funny. They complained about every little thing I did wrong, and he got even more pissed when I told him that "I don't normally play bubba". Called me a camper, a tunneler, all the usual stuff (probably because he died). Sorry mate, but I'm a jack of all killers, not just a single one over and over. I find that always get tedious. I was even running the adept perk build at the time, I don't know why you're complaining.

    And yes, it was for a daily. Never try to go for adept at red ranks, since double pipping is a lot more difficult there than at lower ranks.

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