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I have a killer idea

herman_carterherman_carter Member Posts: 4
edited September 15 in Fan Creations

The new idea

Chapter name, dark betrayal

So the killer is Adam Chandler

Name, the brother

Ability, technical enhancements

The killer does everything 10% faster for 40 seconds with a 80 second cooldown

Perks, linked by heart, every time a survivor is unhooked the obsession's aura is revealed to the killer for 5, 10, 15, seconds. Bad mechanic, all generators damaged regress 10, 12, 14% faster and 10, 12, 14% faster. Enraged, every time a pallet is dropped on you you get a 10, 15, 20% faster destruction speed.


Name, John Chanler

Perks, great mechanic, repair generators 5, 10, 15% faster every time one is completed. Linked by heart, every time a survivor is unhooked by you the killers aura is shown to you. Show stealer, you are the obsession but you get a 2, 4, 6% speed boost of all things in the objective category.

The killer and survivor should look as alike as much as possible

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  • herman_carterherman_carter Member Posts: 4
    edited September 15

    Please tell me what you think about my idea I think personally having the killer be a survivor's brother is a great way to show how much a brother can take before breaking and joining the entity

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