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Vigil rework/overhaul

Now before I give my opinion for this perk, I must admit that this is being partly build off of what somebody originally suggested on my Wake Up discussion. And with that I formally commend @C3Tooth for inspiring me on what should be done with Vigil.

So first things first, Vigil should work with the status effects Broken, Oblivious, Exposed and Madness. I also believe that the timers for any of the status effects should be shown for how long they last regardless if it’s a perk, killers ability or an add-on.

The numbers for Vigil should also be buffed from 10%/15%/20% to 20%/25%/30%. This makes it so all the tiers for the perk make it at least viable and slightly more effective in it’s respect.

One significant thing would have to be added to the perk (and I guess at this point this should be considered more of a rework than a simple buff) is this: If you encounter somebody that has a negative status effect towards them, but has less than 20 seconds remaining of it, the player who has Vigil should be able to take their negative status effect while the person who just suffered from it, doesn’t have it anymore (there would have to be an animation for this, like Quentin giving David a pill bottle and David puts a small handful of pills into his mouth) points for Altruism would have to be increased for this.

However there would be two trade offs from this happening, negative status effects cannot stack, meaning if you took somebody’s exhaustion away, you cannot take somebody else’s until yours runs out. But you can still take other status effects like Blindness, hemorrhage and so on. Lastly, because this perk could get out of hand, I believe that only one survivor at a time can use this.

Finally, the 30% increased recovery would only affect you, but other survivors would still know that you are using Vigil if they are with the 8 meters of you.


  • G0lden_Ra1denG0lden_Ra1den Member Posts: 56

    Here is the perk description;

    You look over your friends even in dire situations. 

    Survivors within 8 meters of you are aware that you have this perk. Once out of range, this persists for 15 seconds. 

    You may take a Survivors negative status effect if there is less than 20 seconds of the status effect. You additionally recover from it 20%/25%/30% faster. Negative status effects cannot stack. Points for altruism are increased by 50%.

    Only one Survivor can use Vigil during a trial.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 1,923

    Only one Survivor can use Vigil during a trial.

    Please don't do this to Solos.

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