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The Killer That Never Existed

TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 78
edited September 2019 in General Discussions

I think we can all agree on something: the Legion is the most unplayable, most unfathomable killer in the entirety of DBD. Not only is its KP weak and its ability regen so prolonged, but the capabilities of this dumpster-destined killer are so ridiculously bad I can hardly even refer to it as 'working'.

Don't get me wrong, I'd main Legion to hell and back. Honest to God. But the reality of that occurring is so distant because of the fact that they're practically UNPLAYABLE.

"But I use them and they're fine!" some of you say.

Yes. You're right. They are. But only at lower ranks - when you get higher and play the game more frequently, they're so broken its impossible not to laugh your arse off at whoever plays them.

I've had experiences on console with Legion and I was so dumbstruck with what I discovered, it's best to just say "they're terrible" rather than list an entire 3000 word essay on all the issues evident in the killer. So I all do just that. Just mention they're 'unplayable'.

Now, as you all know, as you learned in 'Little Kiddy School', this is just MY OPINION. You're entitled to your own. But I want to start a discussion. Rather than put this on for DEVs in the killer issue category, I want everyone else's opinions.

And be RESPECTFUL. Please. I'm sick to death of toxicity on these forums. Its partially the reason we can't have prosperity in online forums. Thank you. :D


  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 921

    There already is a discussion about this that is active. Titled sonething like "So are we going to just ignore Legion for the next 6 months?"

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 1,034

    I play on console with him in red ranks every now and than but the only games you can stomp with him is when you hit at least 3 people, quickly down the final guy you hit, than hook him and repeat until you win. But Lets be honest that rarely happens and against good survivors that loops him to hell you need a lot of luck and skill in a chase after your frenzy ends which still doesn't cut it against good survivors gen rushing. You can still have fun with him in mid to lower ranks and thats where we will have to have fun with him since any plans to change him will be at least 6 months from now, most likely more than that actually.

  • TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 78

    Yeah, sadly that's the reality... 6 months and MAYBE a change...

  • TerrorUnleashedTerrorUnleashed Member Posts: 78

    I am aware of that discussion. I've already read through it. There was just so much toxicity around the issue so I brought it here so hopefully there's two points of view.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,266
    edited September 2019

    Unplayable is a bit of an overstatement IMO, unfun on the other hand...

    To me, he is unfun because his mobility which should be his “thing” feels neutered. He should feel like Hillbilly without the insta-down.

    Obviously his run is more precise and easier to maneuver than the chainsaw but my idea is basically to allow him to use his Frenzy for a longer period and at the very end trigger a “ambush” attack that he has to time well...(think demogorgon’s power). This attack would be optional to use so if Legion doesn’t want to use it Frenzy ends without the long animation he has now.

    The downside would be that he cannot use his Frenzy during a chase, since the main thing would be that he uses his power as sort of like a “travel” power. His add ons could be updated to allow him to vault faster.

    They also need to change the mending Mechanic for survivors because it is very monotonous and currently feels unfun. They could play with his Ambush attack wounds and it could be something like “Patch up with these special bandages” or you go into dying state from where you can only be healed by a teammate and only by using these special bandages.

    These are just some random thoughts, this coming from someone who wasn’t a fan of Legion in the beginning but who understands that his mobility is what he seems to be mostly about.

    When you see the Legion trailer, you immediately get a shot of him running, and that’s pretty much what inspired my idea.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    Legion just needs small tweaks

    Bring back the OG FF speed and maybe Vault speed.

    The FF speed is what is hurting them right now, the Duration was extended because they're slower thanb before but the decreased speed is still the biggest problem regardless of the duration. Revert those changes and keep everything else.

    With that change we have a fast Legion who still has a barely usable DW effect but can still injure Survivors. This won't fix them but it will make them more fun since they won't feel like they're jogging through mud and can barely catch anyone during FF.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,660

    Hm, Well, you're not wrong. They are hard to play as is. I can play them well enough in Red, but I'm not like most people. I actively choose to play Legion a lot, after all.

    Like @HatCreature, I think the movement speed of frenzy is one of the major weaknesses. But I also think them always trying to balance around Deep Wounds as it is now is also stopping them from properly balancing the kit. If Deep Wounds wasn't a BT timer in the first place, then it might allow for the part people like to actually be balanced properly, i.e. the running and stabbing frenzy... but hey, that's my two cents on the issue.

    Either DW has to go, or become something survivors can play around while not just being a waste of an ability.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,342

    Legion is just a chore to play, even though I personally get good results with him. He is my least favourite to play as however.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,105

    I just have the question in mind, if he makes fun to me, or not as a pre patch Legion main and he don't.

    I was never much interested in staying in the red ranks, otherwise I would not have let countless survivors go, who had been a guaranteed kill.

    The biggest fun killer are for me the new frenzy mechanic. I don't like to be slower and I don't like to stay feeled forever in the frenzy state. So long as the frenzy duration is today, it doesn't feel special anymore imo.

    Also the freaking stun for missing hits and the increased stun after frenzy are also fun killers for me on the same level.

    If necessary, delete the Legion addons and the dw ability bhvr (and turn it into a pure dmg abilitie instead), but bring back the fun please :(.

    How viable a killer is at the end, is less important if you have fun.

    The old Legion had one of the worst kill rates of all killers. You can read it in your own statistics bhvr. Still she had make so much more fun as that bad construct he/she is today. No matter if the kill rate today is better - its not worth the price imo.

  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Like another person in this thread the needed mvmnt speed when in FF really hurts legion and feels all kinds if janky. And the fact that they removed any movement speed increasing add ons and replaced them with the killer instinct thing which is actually more of a hindrance

  • AngeleouAngeleou Member Posts: 321
    edited September 2019

    We wanted tweaks, we recieved a burning at the stake. Unfortunately as a legion main. This is what I'm stuck with

    I've honest to heavens havent even pressed his power since the rework. It's an inconvenience. He's trapper but shorter and no traps.

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