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Demogorgon M2 doesn't trigger borrowed time/mending

kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141


Demogorgon M2 doesn't trigger borrowed time/mending

My son unhooked me directly in front of the Dem, who was charging their lunge/m2 attack, I was pulled off the hook and the Dem struck, downing me. The killer was definitely in range for BT, and my son definitely had it equipped.


  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 147

    Did the Demogorgon just teleport? The Demogorgon has a passive ability where he has no terror radius after teleporting for a short duration that is increased by add-ons.

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 141

    It's been a few days but this is still pretty clear in my mind. We were on the farm. The Dem had spotted my son as he was on the way for the unhook, chased him at least the distance of a jungle gym, and my son dropped a pallet on him in the jungle gym where I was hooked. While my son went to unhook me the Dem broke the pallet and charged a lunge, which downed me and missed my son as the unhook completed.

    I can't recall if we could hear the terror radius. I remember thinking that it was an incredibly short range to use the lunge attack, unless they knew it would avoid borrowed time.

    I haven't been in this situation again, perhaps the devs meant for the lunge to not trigger BT? That would be wrong I think, as even chainsaws don't hit through BT.

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