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Demogorgon Issues

Devs, I’m sure you have heard complaints, but I play on ps4 and demogorgon is incredibly choppy and lagged. I play several other killers and did a daily as survivor and it is JUST the demogorgon. It is making him unplayable for me which is a real shame considering how excited I was for this chapter. Something else I have noticed is that his chitters and growls almost completely drown out the sound of injured survivors so it would be nice to tone that down several notches. If its a semi intelligent feral beast running around hunting then you wouldn’t expect it to be making so much noise, at least not while out of a chase. I expect I am not the only one having these issues, and I have muddled through several games hoping it would get better, but in 6/6 he was choppy and his sound effects are a hindrance more than anything.

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