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Can someone teach how to 360 on console?




  • xZeroStrikexZeroStrike Member Posts: 35

    There are numerous guides on 360's up on YouTube, really. The same principle applies on console as on PC: Rotate your movement in one direction, turn your camera in the other.

    If you rotate your left joystick clockwise, you'll push your right joystick to the left, whilst rotating your left joystick counterclockwise, you'll push your right joystick to the right.

    I'm unable to create an actual guide as I don't have the tools to record controller input, but I do hope this helped in some way.

    Note that 360s are largely dependant on the killer. A 360 working doesn't mean you did it right, but a 360 failing doesn't mean you did it wrong either: a bad killer will miss almost regardless and a good killer will hit you anyway.

    Good luck!

  • xBEATDOWNSxxBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 52

    Step One: Don't.

    It's not a reliable tactic.

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