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It's sorta time folks.

ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 348
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So... Yeah, what I'm gonna propose is probably not popular. Maybe not even liked, but hear me out. This is for the sake for the game itself as we know it.

So... Dbd has many problems. It's toxic community and the waging war between survivor and killer mains.

The mechanics now realized to be tedious and unfun, which is causing much more negativity in the form of "genrushing".

Multiple weak perks in need of attention, along with a few *certain* killers in need of multiple tweaks. *Ahem* looking at you, legion.

Matchmaking extremely questionable.

And the meta itself never changing.

The game itself is a shitshow, and a never-ending game of the same things repeating in the same things over. And over. And over. While different in some aspects, the point remains the same. *No matter how you do it, you always do the same thing every bloody game.*

Do gens, get chased, lose chase and get hooked or win and continue gens, get rescued to continue gens, repeat for at least 5 times. And so on and so forth.

What the request is, you may not like, but hear me out.

I feel bhvr should make the right move to momentarily *halt progress on the creation of new characters.*

Now I hear you all crying like bloody babies, but hold your horses.

Instead, I wish them to focus more on fixing the multiple errors on this game. Maybe even prioritize it. Because let's be honest.

NO amount of killers and perks will stop genrushing entirely.

NO amount of new survivors will contribute new perks to change things up drastically.

NO amount of new maps will change the same tedious things over and over.

At this point, I can see that the new content will just be pointless at some point if the issues of shite matchmaking aren't resolved, or adding in more objectives to make gens more dynamic or just... More things to do during a trial.

I think delaying chapter releases is worth it to give a change to the mechanics of the gens to be more dynamic and fun while removing a problem while at it. And assist with matchmaking to prevent noob killers to be destroyed by those swf with a 3 low ranks and 1 single prestige 3 blendette with decisive and all that.

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  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Can you give us a tl;dr?

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 348
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    Every word you said was true.

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  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    I don’t really find myself thinking my matches are mostly the same (except when a new killer drops), although the meta hasn’t changed much in awhile and matchmaking does bug up every now and then.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Thanks! 👍️ By the title of the thread I assumed the op was making a suggestion how to solve the problem.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,065

    BHVR is not going to halt the creation of new characters considering both you have to buy the game to play it and they just released a 13 dollar DLC that is based on an extremely in right now TV show.

  • WolfPad06WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182
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    OP is not wrong. I do believe I - and many others - have suggested exactly what you did:

    Slow down on new content and fix the [BAD WORD] that is your game.

    Yes it will mean less revenue for a few months, but the overall lifespan and health of the game will be improved and in the long run that is more valuable that quick cash.

    They won't do it though, investors wouldn't like that and in the end that is who they ultimately cater to.

    If you follow/play DeathGarden Bloodharvest you'll see what a skilled, committed and efficient development team can do in just a short few months.

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  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,692

    your not forced to use a meta branch out a lil bit and use different perks

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 348
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    Not in high ranks from what I hear.

    You're forced to use every meta there is against rank 1 survivors. Otherwise, you'd have an unbelievably hard time.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510
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    Considering they're different teams that work oncosmetics, character design, and internal mechanics and coding, your request IS a little ridiculous.

    Let's just have the people who draw and come up with perks and powers, start coding the game that they have NO KNOWLEDGE about how to do so.

    What could ever go wrong.

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  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    What was edited out of your comment?

    I love seeing when mods edit our comments for us instead of just removing it.

    Actually just got out of jail for noticing it was done to someone else and telling them I put my comment back lol.

  • rainbows_for_bloodrainbows_for_blood Member Posts: 12
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    Have you ever played any other PvP game? It's always *the same thing over and over*.

    League of Legends: Farming in Lane -> Then Teamfights.

    Overwatch: Standing on objectives.

    Apex Legends: Trying to eliminate everyone else on the same map even.

    I think, for your typical online multiplayer game, DBD has enough variety IMHO.

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  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    What this guy said. :)

    Rainbow Six Siege: Kill enemy and capture objective, or hold objective.

    PUBG: Be the last one standing.

    Destiny: Do missions and get loot.

    Call of Duty: Kill, repeat.

    I don't even want to talk about Fallout 76, what a joke.

    This game will improve.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 9,559

    "BHVR should take a small break from releasing new Chapters and work on the game's health."

  • Eternal0088Eternal0088 Member Posts: 53

    Careful speaking your mind regarding game health. I did and was warned and had forum priveleges suspended. Just keep paying for all the DLC and cosmetics and let the devs deal with the game. They know best.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 348

    There's a difference.

    In those pvp games, yes, it IS the same objectives, but it's fun because you have to be actively moving around, being aware of the enemy. And shooting first.

    But in dbd, you just sit down. Hold down a button. And wait for longer than a minute to get one out of 5 gens activated. Skill checks keep you on your feet, but really now that's the only reason why people are active in the game in order to not lose easily.

    Second: You're comparing a first person shooter, which are fast-paced, and action packed to the slow, terrifying, fear slowly building up as you're forced to do dangerous things to ensure survivor. The fear of the unknown is the primary source of fear. You don't know who, or when the killer will catch you. You get a rush of adrenaline as they stray closer to you, and you hide to evade their vision.

    But that feeling is eliminated by the feeling of annoyance because on tbe gens, there is literally nothing else other than to hold a button, and press another button every now and then.

    Besides. Fps' have alternate game modes so you wont always be bored. Dbd only has "gen repair simulator" for minutes, and "exit gate open and gtfo simulator" for a few more minutes.

  • kamisenkamisen Member Posts: 789
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    So one thing that strikes me when I read your posts is that a lot of the mechanics that you feel is repetitive, is core gameplay. What you describe as repetitive, tedious and boring is what I would describe as fun, engaging and exciting. Maybe this game just isn’t your cup of tea?

    I want to be clear that I do agree that there are some nooks and crannies in the game that need attention. But at its core I find the game highly engaging and fun to play. The devs have their roadmap for the game and we kind of need to have faith in their ability to prioritise.

  • WolfPad06WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182

    I censored myself (out of habit) with asterisk on what would've been a bad word. Apparently that is bypassing the filter so it got edited.

    Also got a warning for my troubles, but it's no biggie.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    You forgot "Now I hear you all crying like bloody babies, but hold your horses."

    That was the most important part because now I know he has discovered my true identity.

    Seems I must enact my plans for world domination and extra nap times early.

    Curse you @Toxicboii !!!

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Oh wow. Sorry to hear that....

    Thats.....ridiculous lol.

  • Well you should stop listening to other folks.

    I run various builds all the time to mix things up. And I experience varying levels of success with all of them.

    Just last night, for example, I ran Hex: Devour Hope, Hex: Thrill of the Hunt, Make Your Choice and BBQ N Chili on Billy. I had 2 4Ks and a number of 2/3Ks. It was great fun and almost a million BP in less than 2 hours.

    I also like to run baasement dweller build a lot: Iron Grasp, Agitation, Mad Grit, Monstrous Shrine. It's a mini-game each round to try and down the survivors as close as I can to the basement so I can eventually corral them all up.

    Oh and on Spirit, I like to run Stridor, Predator, Whispers and Monitor and Abuse for much laughs, such wow.

    On survivor, I run pretty much w/e the hell I feel like that day. Sometimes I'm a loot [BAD WORD] (lightweight, plunderer's, aces), sometimes I'm a rescue [BAD WORD] (botany, we'll make it, auto didact, etc.) and sometimes I'm uber troll (borrowed time, DS, balanced landing, self care),

    If you feel the game is too "meta", mix it up, stop running the same build over and over again because it's the only one you've known any success with. Don't be afraid to lose in order to have fun.

  • WolfPad06WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182

    Well it was just a warning, and the mod was professional about it. A bit ridiculous yes (since I didn't use numbers or other characters to bypass the filter, simply censored it manually), but now I know to just use bad words to my hearts content and let the filter deal with them.

    Back to the topic though; my main problem with the game is that they either release content and perks to patch what is wrong with the game instead of tackling the mechanics themselves, or they release niche powers and perks that could be interesting but will never work with the current meta of the game.

    For example, exhaustion perks are so strong there is literally almost no reason not to run one. Same with second chance perks and quick healing perks.

    Why would you ever run premonition? Or small game? or anything else?

    Perhaps as a challenge, sure, but you'd be objectively at a disadvantage on 99.9% of the games as opposed to bringing meta perks.


    The game is monotonous and one dimensional. There's slight variations in every game but the core gameplay is completely the same. It would be great if there was more than one or two ways to play each role and so many more perks were just as strong as the meta ones.

  • SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 876

    Finally someone who summarizes the ongoing problems for the devs to make a TODO list (or re-order their current). Thank you!

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,679

    You make it sound like “everyone” is crying but they’re not. they keep coming back for more.

    Bhvr must be doing something right then. Many of the things you’ve listed...in fact, all of them are subjective. My motto is “Not every match is the same”... for either side.

    If the game was unfun and boring we would see a decline in the number of players playing.

  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 182
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    How is "genrushing" toxic ? It is the survivors only objective next to finding hex:ruin every round.

    Gen repair times were nerfed from 70 s in the beginning of the game to 80 s and even a penalty for repairing with more than 1 survivor where this should be a bonus for survivors to cooperate and even makes it easier for killers to find more than 1 survivor on a gen - still killers complain about "genrush".

    Besides that all those wallhack "perks" that were introduced over time ? In the beginning all the killer had as a clue was spies from the shadows, whispers and scratchmarks. All blended quite well into the game concept. Now the killer can choose from a variety of wallhacks and with billy you just zip over the whole map in 4 s and tick off survivor after survivor. So entertaining. Not.

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