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My thoughts on demogorgon and perks

The demogorgon is a cool killer but some of his abilities are kinda lacking his portals needs more time to destroy like an extra 10 seconds also and his portal placing could be faster there should be a purple add-on that when placing a trap the trap is automatically activated.

Shred: Can be a useful tool to counter loops but the channel time to activate shred needs about .50 to 1 sec shaved off for it to be effective.

Surge: Surge is kinda meh in my opinion has no synergy with any other perks its range could be increased to 46 meter radius with an 10% regression to be kinda useful.

Cruel Limits: Kinda ironic cause it's not really cruel at all since survivor just leave the area after a gens done my suggestion would be buff the range to a 32 meter radius and make the time to 40 seconds.

Mindbreaker: This perk is weak and not really going to be used the repair progress cap could be upped to 70% and after ending the repair process the survivor is afflicted by the exhausted status effect for 25 seconds this amount of time seems fair if you can properly dodge the killer for that amount of time you can get your dead hard or lithe or balanced off.

And thats my thoughts


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