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Losing items when i escape

PSNKittyPSNKitty Member Posts: 4
edited September 2019 in Other

Ive lost 4 good items with add ons the past 3 days even tho i escape. Ive lost around 10 good items to this bug, and its rly annoing losing something when u escaped!!


  • indigosimmerindigosimmer Member Posts: 2

    I had the same issue. I had a rainbow map and escaped with it, but I didn't get to keep it. I didn't bring it in with me and the killer did not have franklins so I'm not sure why I didn't keep it.

  • PSNKittyPSNKitty Member Posts: 4

    I brought the items with me, the killer didnt have Franklins either. I lost another item now..

  • NaroxdamXiasNaroxdamXias Member Posts: 59

    Same here, I lost a mint rag add on for my Hag, and I still burned a Black Ward as it was my only rag. Somehow I still lost that offering, and a friend of mine lost a key earlier in the match upon escaping.

  • PSNKittyPSNKitty Member Posts: 4

    Yea, pretty annoing... Lost over 10 items now..

  • ScorpiopriestScorpiopriest Member Posts: 8

    I lost a map earlier today as well.

  • PSNKittyPSNKitty Member Posts: 4

    Lost over 20 items now...

  • brut3pubbibrut3pubbi Member Posts: 1

    Same here! Yeah it ain't the best item or anything but still a bit annoying I might've wanted to use the item again if I could. Not sure if this is platform specific really but hopefully these pictures help prove the point. You can see my claudette running with the med-kit right there!

  • anarchyAlexanarchyAlex Member Posts: 1

    I got videos on my channel about this, here is one where I lost just an add on, and I am currently uploading another where I lose a med kit for no reason. https://youtu.be/hiwC2O5VHdA

  • aeepaaeepa Member Posts: 6

    I know what the bug is, if at the exit you are pressing the Button to use item, it remains pressed until the escape animation ends, if you have the bad luck of what was little use, you spend the object.

  • NaroxdamXiasNaroxdamXias Member Posts: 59

    So get this, I escaped with an item I got from a chest ingame. No Franklins, escaped just fine. After getting a third person off the hook from being kinda proxied by this Wraith. I think what happened was the killer left as soon as we were at the scoreboard, checking out points and all. When I load back into the lobby, I have the purple medkit I got but its missing an add on I got using ace in the hole. And when I go to remove it from my character to save it, I find out that somehoe the item didn't come with me and the game just placed the only purple medkit I had in my inventory. I have footage and everything, but the game just gave me my already owned medkit.

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