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Demogorgon is just better Freddy if you think about it


  • Freddy can warp to generators, takes a while to cool down, slightly faster with more survivors asleep.
  • Demogorgon can place his portals anywhere, travels to them much quicker, exiting is a lot less confusing and cools down faster. Portals can be destroyed (but a good demogorgon can control that)


  • Freddy has a bad time finding survivors normally, having to guess most of the time. Sleeping survivors do glow however.
  • Demogorgons portal can be placed near objectives and, once opened, detect anyone either on the objective, closing the portal, or loitering around (for whatever reason). They can alos be placed at random. Exiting one makes him Undetectable for a few seconds.


  • Freddy can use dream pallets, however it seems like these really only help for about 4 hits worth (might be more, might be less). Otherwise, he can use snares to slow survivors vaults or completing the loop. Both of these only work on sleeping survivors.
  • Demogorgon has shred. The mere threat of shred is capable of forcing survivors to drop, as well as can be used to force survivors to where you want. With Red Moss becoming basekit, he can also shred pallets, meaning you have to land the pallet at the perfect time. Otherwise, the pallet is destroyed or you take a hit.

Gen pressure

  • Freddy can gen teleport as well as fake the teleportation, allowing a few seconds of stalling time or scaring survivors off gens.
  • Demogorgon: Teleport, Shred, Repeat. Also Surge.


  • Freddy's perks are built for endgame; Faster action speed, increased door time, and able to block exits. Maybe the one thing freddy beats the demogorgon on.
  • Demogorgon is able to lock down both gates with portals, usually causing at least 1 extra kill, especially when tied with Rancor or NOED.


  • None. Find and close
  • Can place a portal on the hatch to immediately warp to it and close it, giving survivors no chance if he finds the hatch before it opens.


  • Sauceman_TimSauceman_Tim Member Posts: 106
    edited September 2019

    On paper this killer should be a better Freddy, hell he should be at Billy Strength. From the perspective of someone who's already nearly P3 demogorgon (spending bp only earned by playing it) the portals get destroyed extremely quickly; Quicker than he has time to teleport back. Freddy actually can only have his "portals" destroyed when they complete a generator.

    Then we have loops. Freddy can just slow down your loop and catch you extremely quickly. And 90 percent of loops aren't long walls. Demogorgon HAS to break a pallet once it's dropped. (Only on safe pallets obviously)

  • SeekerOfSoulsSeekerOfSouls Member Posts: 44

    When the hotfix hits, by default, he can break pallets with his shred without the need for add on. It will definitely make him much more viable after this comes into effect.

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