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I've had a rather interesting crash...

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 1,668
edited September 19 in XBOX One

This morning, I experienced a rather bad crash. I didn't know if it was a part of a perk bug (which I don't think so, since I was running: Empathy, DS, Botany Knowledge, and Kindred), or a map bug, but at the end of my second phase on a hook, when I was about to die, my screen shook violently, froze, buzzed a loud noise for about a 20 second period, then crashed.

I was a P1 Laurie at the time, in the center hook of the map, with the two silos. 1 Generator was left.

This occured on my Xbox 1, which hasn't had a crash like that in a year since just after Clown's release.

I do not know if it was related to that Dying Light bug, or if it is a map issue, as I was on the new map.

Feedback I have in general to the Devs:

  1. Tone down the background noise. There is a lot more background noise on the new map (Underground Complex), and it makes it hard to hear for both sides.
  2. Fix that Dying Light bug.
  3. Keep up the good work and fix Legion. : D
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