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Chapter contest chat thread

thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
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This is the chat thread for the Chapter contest. Here you can discuss your own ideas or critique others ideas.

Contest is Here

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  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    Is this a real chapter thing? Or just voting on who has great ideas? I posted my chapter already on the thread, but i was just wondering

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    To be clear, the killer in my chapter idea is still only 2 armed and 2 legged. Just taller and stuff like the demogorgon

    Its blue but skins allow it too be other colors, like mars brown, saturn yellow, or starlight pink.

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Sounds great! This is purely fan ran thing so no guarantees it would get into the game. Thanks for your submission. Just got the chance to read them so feed back coming soon.

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    Name - The Fear

     "Survivors can not see more than 1 meter away from them. Also, inflicts the deafness status effect." Might want to mention that the survivors that are effected by his power become blinded, this ability seems way to strong for just taping the power button, maybe make the range they can see equal to the killers terror radius? then killer can decrease it with addons? Just more seeing potential rather then an arms length.

    "3) You can interact with an object, generator, hook, chest, totem. That object gains a terror radius equal 16 meters. Can be cleansed by survivors. This has 2 uses and both can be active at the same time. Effects persist until cleansed. When cleansed you can use this again. Takes 5 seconds to apply." Really like the idea of this power.

    "Silent Demise (or No One Can Hear You Scream)- Survivors don't get an audio notification when someone is put into the dying state or hooked." Other killer perks seem decent but this one is a bit lacking. Maybe it also effects the icon for a little bit?

    "Just a Flesh Wound" seems like a better No Mither, guess that's not saying much though

    "Crossfoot" without some sort of perk to make getting the killers attention helpful or being able to lose them this seems like a big negative with no boost.

    Chapter Name: The Final Frontier Chapter

    Unless her power is easier to deploy or something of the sort it is strictly worse than the trappers and the hags. Without some easy way of getting to them (survivors not being able to move/teleporting) the aura is neat but could leave you susceptible to mind games and could be useless if they step on them across the map.

    "Saturn's Bars" Does the enter terror radius effect happen every time? or just once per survivor? if so it would probably need a decreased time.

    "Red Rust" Seems just like a better Predator also how does the rust mechanic work? do you have to kick the generator first?

    "Mars meteor" Neat, Dramatic, but neat

    "Face Swap" Does it just choose a random survivors face? how does it deceide? How often? do you take the appearance of their damage state? Does getting damaged removed the face swap?

    Also does the survivor have four perks?

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,661

    seems way to strong for just taping the power button, maybe make the range they can see equal to the killers terror radius?

    That negates the purpose. The fear wants as big of a terror radius as possible. Maybe 4-6 meters of sight? The killer cant attack and survivor can still move freely. My favorite horror scenes are where the lights are out and when they come back on the killer is right behind the victim. That's what I am aiming for in this power. It really isnt supposed to do anything but scare the hell out of the survivor.

    Silent Demise is basically knockout but sound. Now that I think if it is a bit lackluster. Can't change the survivor icons though because of swf. Will think about this more.

    Just a Flesh Wound thwarts sloppy butcher. No Mither needs changing.

    Crossfoot puts a 12 meter wide trail of scratch marks. On some maps like game and lerys, combined with Sprint burst and qnq, and good luck following that trail

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137
    edited September 2019

    Whoops... I didn't mean to give more than 3 personal perks to the survivor. I have removed face swap. I chose that one to remove because it would start confusion amongst all players. As for the rust mechanic... affected gens glow blue to the to all players in the trial. The perk doesn't affect generators until they have been damaged by the killer once. Saturn's Bars effects only effect survivors that spawn 50+ meters away, and no one within 50 meters are affected. I will edit her ability as well, and see if i can edit it to be distinct from trapper and hag.

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  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    First draft of my chapter is up. Criticisms appreciated.

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    I like your perks. Our ideas for moris seem incredibly similar, but Im sure you were not copycating, so I have no problem with it. Its a very nice rounded killer all around. Your survivor seems to be well balanced as well. I have one question? How loud are his grunts, breathing, and how big is he? I have updated my entry to include these basic stats as well :)

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
    edited October 2019

    (Buffy the vampire slayer)

    Killer: Glory/The master/Angel

    Survivor 1: Buffy Summers

    -super strenght

    -able to resist fatal wound

    -can be brought back to life

    Survivor 2: Willow Rosenberg

    -can use magic

    -extremly smart

    -very intuitive

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    @VoodooMan7995 Thanks for feedback ill make sure to include that info. Not really sure how our moris are the same?

    @TheUnendingNightmare Why did you post here? The link to the contest is in the first post.

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    I just thought they sounded similar because they both had something to do with amount of inventory items. Its okay though i'm in no way mad and honestly don't care that they are similar

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
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    Yeah I see what your saying.

    You sure you edited it for noisiness?


  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2019

    @Romey95 Your submission wont work, If you read rule 4 it can't be posted elsewhere. Could you remove the link?

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2019

    Nope sorry. Should put that in the rules to, pretty sure unendingnightmare made the same chapter before aswell. Could just put * removed* If you can't delete post, or come up with something new. @Romey95

  • VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

    Yes I did. Those stats are with the survivors name and nationality. :)

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Oh that's an actual contest ? I thought someone just made a post asking ppl. Lol

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96


    yes its an actual for fun contest

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2019

    @TheUnendingNightmare also contest is ending soon so you might want to add onto your chapter.

    Don't really see how Buffy the vampire slayer follows the space theme? Also be sure to avoid these perks you made earlier https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/82927/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-survivor-dawn

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Oh idc if it's space themed I thought this was just for fun ? That's a lot of rules "just for fun" anyways.

    Also what donyou have against my perks ?

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2019

    @TheUnendingNightmare It is for fun, just trying to keep some sort of structure and competitiveness. The perks are alright but you can't use them for the contest sense not everyone would have the same amount of time to work.

  • thisdude9001thisdude9001 Member Posts: 96

    @csandman1977 when you see this edit in a chapter name for the voting thread

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,661

    Done sorry didn't think of actually naming the chapter

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