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[Suggestions] Reducing Toxic behaviors of Survivor and Killer

GravnosGravnos Member Posts: 105
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The goal of these changes are to help curve behaviors that are often considered 'toxic' from both the Survivor and Killer view points and a few quality of life changes.

Some things are basically 'instant disconnects' and while we should absolutely not use this as a metric to handle balance, I believe there's some slight changes we can make to encourage healthier game play in a community that could stand to move away from 'mains' and play both sides of the game!


[Survivor Behavior Reasons and Proposed Changes]

Goal - Reduce Tbagging:

  • Add a 1 second cool down on crouch.
  • This could either keep you crouched for 1 second on click, or limit input to 1 crouch per second.

Goal - Reduce 'Clickbait':

  • Turning on a flashlight consumes a low base % of the battery life. (rapid clicking drains it faster)

[Survivor Item Changes Reasons and Proposed Changes]

Goal - Adjust Single use items that are often viewed as toxic/overpowered.

Instant Heal:

  • Instant heal works as an 'instant patch'. You still apply it in the same instant time frame, but it's a quick fix and gives you the upgraded life state, but on a 'borrowed time' style limit. If you don't get legitimately healed in X time, you are reduced by 1 health state. If the recipient was already in some 'temporary health state' that timer is refreshed to full.

Brand New Gear:

  • New gears aren't as worn in as older ones. This increases the audio of your generator repairs by X %.

[Quality of Life Changes]

Goal - Reduce strain by mashing buttons.

  • Struggling doesn't add anything except spamming a button. Removing the Struggle and having a 'press and hold button' to submit to the entity


[Killer Behavior Reasons and Proposed Changes]

Goal - Encourage Killers not to camp.

  • A killer that remains near the hook for X seconds will have their aura revealed like kindred to all survivors (survivors do not see each others aura like kindred)
  • Spamming very tiny A/D style movement would not allow the killer to bypass this, they need to actually move around.
  • A killer with the Undetectable status would not be effected by this.
  • Survivors with the Blindness status would not be effected by this.
  • If all generators are completed, this would not happen.

Goal - Encourage Killers not to tunnel.

  • If a survivor placed on the hook was also the last player put on a hook, the entity wishes to prolong their suffering and extends their time to stay on the hook by X seconds.
  • Allow 'Hooked Perks' such as 'Deliverance' to be performed while in the struggle state. Doing so gives a 'Deep Wound' type status effect from the Entity. (We'd need to check for perks that could be abused by this)
  • Add a 'hook count' near the player icons so the killer knows what hook state they are on. Often times the killer can lose count and ends up tunneling when they don't mean to. It also would let killers know if they're about to perform an action that would result in a negative effect.
  • Concept (Not fleshed out) There's also the idea of building the '2nd hook state' as a completely struggle free state, allowing you to use perks/jump off of the hook on their own, but still having it count to their over all 3 hook stages of life. This would need to be carefully balanced in what scenarios it happens.
  • Concept (Not fleshed out) - We're playing by The Entities rules, so if it were to decide it's not ready for a survivor to day it could change that by keeping them on the ground if it would be their death hook by locking them in an entity cage. Again there would be a lot more to balance here such as not doing this once the generators are completed.

[Killer Item Changes Reasons and Proposed Changes]

Goal -Some builds are particularly devastating where we can build in a little survivability without reducing what makes them appealing to play.

  • Spirit: Prayer Beads Bracelet - The phasing sound is still removed while she travels, but when she phases a loud howl from hear goes across the entire map. It is not based on terror radius and has no direction. There is no audio Q when she is finished phasing. This allows spirit to still run around silently, but gives players some level of awareness. It also gives her a new mind game to play with. --- Another option is that when she phases you constantly hear the phasing sound as if she is right behind you, no matter where you are on the map.
  • Huntress: Base Change - When the huntress picks up a survivor downed by a hatchet, that hatchet is replenished in her inventory. This cannot put you past your max hatchet count and only counts hatches used to 'down' the survivor. Not injure them.
  • Huntress: Iridescent Head - This is still a one shot ability, but it cannot be combined for extra hatches. So in combination with her Base Change she would get it back after downing him.

Goal - Hex Totems can often break instantly, this small change makes it harder to break as quickly without adjusting tits over all effect by match.

  • If the killer has a Hex totem then ALL totems look like Hex totems. This makes them easier to find/break but adds on more things for the players to find. Once the actual hex totem is broken and non remain, all other totems turn dull. The killer sees their Hex totem's aura as they currently do.
  • Alternately all totems could simply stay dull always.


Any thoughts? I'm sure we could come up with better anti-tunneling ideas and I decided not to hop into Perks. I wanted to just address things at a high level that instantly seem to upset most players in order to make the game a little friendlier.

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  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Here's just an idea in regards to hex totems.

    You have to clense every totem on the map to get rid of the hex perk(s). So say you had ruin and hex thrill of the hunt. You'd have to clense all 5 to get rid of both hex perks.

    But then again I think noed should still work the same as it does now. Because balancing or something

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,141

    I can understand this and some good ideas, but sadly toxicity flows in the veins and pumps in the blood of humans...and i don't think people in general are going to change.

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