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Mindbreaker was designed to be bad--please fix

So the real meat of this video starts at 15:37, the amazing Spacecoconut explains the major flaws with this perk and how difficult and almost impossible it is to actually use this perk effectively. I would suggest watch the video instead of reading my rage filled but constructive rant.

It takes 80 seconds for 1 Survivor to complete a Gen, 50% happens at 40 seconds so you have 40 seconds to find a Survivor and then pray to the Entity they have an Exhaustion perk and that is is Sprint Burst. Now while you're chasing that 1 Survivor who is possibly Exhausted 3 others are on Gens and have already gotten past 50% on their Gen, the perk is now worthless and you don't know if the person you're chasing has been crippled by this OP SUPER DANGEROUS PERK.

Looking at the math shown by Space tells us that this perk was designed to be a failure, it was designed around a problem that you have no control over and cannot be worked with. By design you cannot use this perk and you are better off using an add-on for free that causes Exhaustion than using this garbage perk everyone paid for.

Who thought this was a good perk to make people pay for?

Who keeps allowing bad perks that can barely be used to keep appearing in every chapter and who keeps telling us it's good?

This needs to stop, I know a long time ago it was said that paid content was to be balanced based on the free content but this is getting out of hand, we're all paying for cheap perks that don't help anyone and only work in fantastical situations that Rank 20s find themselves in because they're new. A Rank 20 Meg is scared of Mindbreaker, a Rank 8 or 1 Nea won't even notice the perk exists because they know it's weak. That part is not an exaggeration, that is a true fact that cannot be denied. Also even if you're a stealth Killer who smacks someone who is Exhausted by this and has Sprint Burst you give them a SB when you smack them. When it ends they need to walk away for 3 seconds and then SPRINT BURST AWAY, or Dead Hard or Balanced Landing. Literally 1 pallet break and a few steps will give you speed back from Mindbreaker. The balance is not there and the balance is flawed. So far Surge was nerfed to crap, Cruel Limits was never good because they didn't listen to community feedback(block ALL VAULTS when the last Gen is completed for 30-60 seconds), and Mindbreaker was dead on the drawing board.

Mindbreaker can be made to be good

Mindbreaker CAN be a good perk IF the Developers WANT it to be good.

I've said it before but I don't like being an [BAD WORD] like this but is difficult to be OK with this, it is difficult to be OK with the balance team intentionally making things weak and too easy. It also sucks that despite my constant rage with this issue that I still love this game and never want to stop playing it because overall it is very fun and enjoyable.


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