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How To Counter Spirit (Without Perks)

KabuKabu Member Posts: 708

Spirit's main power is called Yamoaka's Haunting: This power allows her to move quickly across the map and can give an advantage in chases depending of the experience level of the player. Most of her add ons influence this power such as increasing the movement speed or activation speed.

Spirit's secondary ability is her passive phasing that makes it difficult to track her movements when not using her main power. There are two add ons that very slightly increase the frequency and duration of this passive phasing.

Tips to keep in mind: Spirit has footstep sounds and disturbs crows when phasing. Both of which are noticeable inside her terror radius. She also has an audio cue while phasing(when outside terror radius) that makes a whooshing sound. When you hear her phasing or notice her chasing someone else near you then stop repairing a gen, cleansing totems, searching boxes etc or risk getting grabbed as you will not hear the whooshing sound of her phasing.

As of patch 3.2, Spirit does not move vegetation while phasing through them.

When phasing, Spirit will leave behind a husk which emits her terror radius. Once her power ends the husk disappears and has to wait 15 seconds before it's available again (certain addons can decrease this cooldown). While phasing, she is not able to see survivors directly but other methods of tracking are still available. Methods such as, scratch marks, seeing/hearing vegetation moving as well as hearing footsteps, injured sounds, lockers opening/closing and so on. With an add on called Father's Glasses Spirit is able to see blood.

The following is advice on what to do when a Spirit is chasing you:

If you suspect she's faking her power then run towards a window and slow vault it or flashlight her. If she was phasing she will have to guess if you vaulted the window or not. If she is faking it then you are safer near a window rather than a pallet that wasn't thrown down. If she is not phasing and you try to flashlight her she will move or be blinded. Don't move away from a safe spot or walk towards a safe spot to force her to react. Safe spots such as windows and longer loops.

If you're bold enough, Spirit can be pallet stunned mid phase and while she is coming out of phase. You can throw down a pallet early and play around that though it's most effective while she is phasing. Pallet plays force HER to guess which side you are on if you don't fast vault when unnecessary. Start looping her to force her to phase then feign continuing the loop and run somewhere safer. Most effective if you backtrack while avoiding running back the same exact path to avoid running into her or in a completely different direction. Preferably near another window or thrown pallet.

It's important to keep in mind that when she messes up she is punished with 110% movement speed while her power slowly recharges and then can be looped more easily than other killers.

Spirit can be a tough opponent depending on the experience of the player but it is entirely possible to escape vs a good Spirit. It's difficult, as it should be, but possible. Just as it's possible for a good Spirit to do well against good survivors.



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    Reserved for a follow up post I want to make regarding how exactly you should go about things like "suspecting she's faking her power"

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