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Who was the first person in the Realm of the Entity?

MonfuiserMonfuiser Member Posts: 15

The way the Entity works is that it can bring a person form anytime period. A person from 2010 could be in the Realm of the Entity can be there longer than someone from 1947. So going off of that, who was the first survivor/killer that the Entity took?

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  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,226
    Accepted Answer

    Time doesn't work conventionally in The Entity's Realm. As a result, any derivations about time from the lore are difficult to achieve.

    We do know that The Entity can take survivors from any time period (as you mentioned) and any place (presumably). However, time isn't linear in The Entity's realm. So when a survivor/killer was taken by The Entity in the Gregorian calendar doesn't correlate to when they show up in The Entity's Realm. For example, we have characters from modern times (e.g. Feng Min) interacting with characters from circa 1895-539BC (The Plague). If we think of time in the traditional sense, this shouldn't be possible. Despite this, The Entity has found a way to escape the constraints of time and blend together locations, people and clothes from vastly different time periods.

    As a result, I perceive The Entity's Realm as timeless. Neither the survivors nor the killers are capable of death or aging. We also have no evidence to suggest that the survivors and killers need sustenance. This could mean two possible things:

    1. Time doesn't pass in The Entity's Realm.
    2. Time does pass but doesn't affect living organisms in the same way it does in our world.

    Going off of in-game evidence, I personally believe the first option to be true. The Entity's Realm is perpetually night, suggesting that time doesn't elapse. Arguably, this could be a design choice or a result of some un-referenced phenomena in the Realm. Although, to me, this choice of eternal night is significant because in the real world time passing and day/night cycles are intrinsically related.

    I digress. To be more to-the-point, I don't think it's possible to accurately pin-point the time characters have spent in The Entity's Realm without being explicitly told by the developers.

    We can't be specific, but it's possible to make educated guesses about who was taken by The Entity first. Assuming The Entity 'took' the characters when they were alive and not years after their death (and respective time period), The Plague would be the killer who was taken first. Since she was alive during Ancient Babylonian times (1895-539BC), she is the oldest character in game. Figuring out which survivor was taken first is much more tricky as their ages, time periods and status in The Entity's Realm is all somewhat unknown. There are survivor characters who are referenced in the game's lore (E.g. Vigo, Benedict Baker, people on 'The Lost Tapes' etc.) whose ages are impossible to truly deduce. The playable survivors are also tricky to work out as there is a lack of clues in their lore to hint at what time period they lived in. There are some exceptions to this though:

    • Feng Min was part of an E-Sports team which is a relatively new sport. Presumably, Feng Min is a survivor who was taken from modern times.
    • Jane Romero was the host of a talk-show which means she is from modern times too.
    • Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are from 'Stranger Things' so when they were alive is easy to deduce from watching the show.
    • Similarly to the Stranger Things characters, when Laurie Strode, William 'Bill' Overbeck, Quentin Smith, David Tapp and Ash Williams were alive can be figured out from their respective films, TV shows etc.

    Personally, I'd say the non-playable survivor Benedict Baker was one of the first survivor's taken because he has an extensive knowledge of The Entity's Realm (as shown through his diary entries in the lore).

    Sorry if this doesn't answer your question.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 12,552
    Accepted Answer

    You can look at it in at least 2 different ways.

    One way is that you simply take our timeline and go to the earliest point of someone being abducted, which means it's Plague.

    The other way you can look at it is that the Entity exists outside of time and looks at our timeline, then picks up people from all kinds of times it deems fitting.

    Y'know, as if it's looking at a calendar of the world, sees something cruel happen on a specific day and is like: Oh yeah, he'll do as a Killer.

    In the latter way of finding people, truly anyone could've been the first.

    A new Killer could be revealed coming from the year 27859, yet the lore could state he's the first Killer ever.


  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    In short: No one knows

  • armandfm11armandfm11 Member Posts: 35

    Quite interesting... If we are taking about first survivor that touched the Entity's realms, that would be very first victims that attracted Benedict to research the Entity and ultimately got captured himself. But I can't tell if they're the first 4 survivors (Meg, Dwight, Claudette and Jake) or other people, not playable (random civilians). And they might be even others, later-released survivors or not released yet.

    I took a look in the first lore of the game : Benedict's journal. If a survivor was living in that town, Weeks (in America), it should be the first victim to get grabbed by the Entity. After all, from what I remember, the Entity expands more with each soul captured. It had to start somewhere. It started with the 364 unlucky victims. Not sure, but I don't think any of our playable survivors (and Nea :P ) lives there. Maybe, one future survivor would be from Weeks, a survivor that would help with the Entity's real story. But, it's just an idea. I'm probably just talking nonsense :)

    As for the earliest period of time, I would go for Bill (he's old and he's from a quite old game). Either him, or I would go with ImmersedNurse's idea. It should be a survivor that acts, wears or looks in a more older fashion. But these two come first in my mind : Benedict or Bill.

    For the killer part : first to set foot on the realm ? Trapper. He was the only one playable in the beta. He was the first. As for the earliest period of time, I'm going with ImmersedNurse : Plague's the oldest.

    Maybe, in the future, the Archive will make the story behind the Entity clearer.

  • SickertonSickerton Member Posts: 26

    I think assuming the first was a survivor is a bit erroneous. Survivors are the simplest pieces of the Entity's game; It drops them in essentially as-is, while it takes time to "Customize" each killer to properly hit the sweet spot of a threatening but not impossible challenge. That, alongside the detail that the Entity can only breach into what we consider the real world through moments of strong emotion and/or violence, leads me to conclude that the Entity would both have had a much easier time collecting it's first killer and would have logically prioritized having one ready before pulling in survivors.

    So, who was the first Killer? This has actually been answered. Sort of. The Devs have noted before it is very likely that the first killer ever was deemed a failed experiment by the Entity, and promptly thrown into the Void (a subdimension it would then use to store all later survivors and killers once they are drained to nothing more but husks). So if the first person was a killer, he/she was disposed of long before anyone we know could have ever seen him/her.

    If you wanted to get really meta you could assume that this mystery killer was The Smasher, or an even older killer concept the devs themselves toyed with during prototypes and ultimately discarded. But my money is that, if The First was ever to resurface in-lore, they would create an entirely new design and theme specifically to make something like that exactly as notable as it sounds.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Ultimately, there are survivors and killers we don't know much about about, like Vigo and Benedict Baker, who arrived before the playable ones. There are references to other survivors before them, and yet we don't know when they arrived or how they arrived here.

    TLDR, it's impossible to comprehend this, because it involves concepts that are hard to understand. I.E. Cosmic Horror.

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