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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Chapter Idea

Chris95072Chris95072 Member Posts: 25
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Don't open the document above just read below.

Aliens made to look like clowns, traveling the galaxy in search for food. One day they found a source earth; targeting a little town called Crystal Cove. They nearly wiped out the entire town until 3 heroes defeated them right as the clowns were about to be destroyed the ship vanished ending up someplace they had never seen before but not part of the galaxy someplace filled with evil but they smelled humans nearby and their feast was about to continue...


Popcorn and Candy


Press RT to use Candy on the environment and survivors to hinder the survivors movement speed after coming into contact with it.

Press the secondary power button while in a chase to aim popcorn at a survivor to hinder their movement speed and inflict the Scorched status effect that increases all current perks on cool down's duration by an extra 20 seconds (does not effect exhaustion perks),

Press the secondary power button while not in a chase to summon a balloon dog that increases the duration of scratch marks staying on the ground and increase aura reading ranges by 10 meters and their duration by 3 seconds until the balloon dog is deactivated or the power gauge is depleted (Power gauge must be full to activate balloon dog).


"It was a spaceship, and there were these things these Killer Klowns, and they shot popcorn at us we barely got away!"-Mike


Mori: The survivor stands up to run, and The Klown pulls out his candy gun and shoots the survivor. After which the survivors body is wrapped in a cotton candy cocoon and The Klown starts to laugh in either a high pitched voice or low pitched (Depending on the cosmetics The Klown is wearing).



Open up


Your determination to catch your prey sparks the entity's curiosity, if a pallet is dropped within 24 meters of you within 10 seconds after hitting a survivor with a basic attack the pallet will be lifted up afterwards it goes on cool down for 60/50/40 seconds. (The survivor you hit does not have to be the one who drops the pallet)


"Debbie Debbie it's Mike open up!"-The Klown (Mike's voice)


Jack In The Box


From big shoes to flying pies, fun is your trade. Your desire for fun and games heightens your senses and gives the entity comic relief. Survivors who open a chest will gain skill checks that if missed will cause the action to regress. Interacting with a chest places an undeveloped klown inside that jumps out and snaps a survivor who attempts to open it revealing their aura for 3/4/5 seconds afterwards the chest will shake for 3 seconds (During which the chest can't be opened) and then revert to its previous state (Open or closed).


"Don't worry Dave all we want to do is kill you".-Officer Mooney




Having an insatiable hunger relates to the entity and gives you leverage that other beings wouldn't thus, the entity gives you more power, anytime all 4 survivors are working on generators klowns will pop out at the generators revealing the generators aura's in white for 22/28/34 seconds and the entity blocks those generators for the duration (The survivors will be kicked off the generator in the process). Has a cool down of 60 seconds (after the generators are unblocked it goes on cool down).


"Ringmaster shouts let the show begin, send in the clowns let them do you in".-The Dickies

Undeveloped Klown

Hope you all liked it!

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  • Chris95072Chris95072 Member Posts: 25

    If yall think I should do more let me know. 😃

  • Chris95072Chris95072 Member Posts: 25

    Remember the more comments and likes the better the chance of it happening so your support could make a difference thank you for your time.

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