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Can we please get cross progression?

Hello all, I’ve been grinding Dead By Daylight on console since June 2017. Over that period of time I have dunked in over 1000 hours in game with over half the roster P3’d.

The issue is, I want to make the switch over to PC but all my time in-game would be washed away.

With the in game friends list and grouping becoming implemented could it really be that hard to sync our progress?

We could link our progress to the same accounts used on the forums. With Dead By Daylight coming to the Switch and Mobile, it’s extremely hard to see anyone committing to their accounts without playing on their respective platform only.

Buying 2 copies of the game guarantees BHVR money whilst pleasing the customer, so both sides of the table are happy.

there is almost no reason to not implement this.

So, cross progression, what do you guys think?


  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 440

    Yes please! I've been saying it since they announced the game for Switch, I'll buy a Switch just to play on the go if cross-progression is added.

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