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Dealing with salt

So a few minutes ago i was flamed on psn and accused of being a “weak af camper” and a “tunneler off the hook noob”. Normally I enjoy the occasional salt, but it’s actually aggravated me especially when I go out of my way not to be either. HOWEVER If you run directly into me I’m gonna smack you. If I have two survivors escape hooks at the same time am I expected to ignore half them to be nice? Do I just pretend like I didn’t hear the explosion while I’m patrolling gens that havnt been touched?

i would like to know from survivor mains what exactly you consider camping and tunneling, and what you think being hooked entitles you to. Because seemingly in purple and red ranks a lot of you feel like it’s a can’t hit a kid with glasses type situation and it’s becoming more frequent.


  • Blackowt_9120Blackowt_9120 Member Posts: 300

    Right?! That’s why im trying to avoid some of it.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    Not a survivor main, I play both

    I really love to feed the flame when someone sends me salty messages

    What some of them don't understand is that I will always have the last word >:3

    When they stop messaging I consider it a win

    Back on topic. Camping for me is when the killer literally won't move from the hook, staying always a few meters from it, tunnelling is when the killer only targets you. I don't really get mad for either of those but I do get frustrated if it happens too often in a row

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 443

    To answer your question, for me it is like this:

    Camping: if the killer is hiding or standing next to the hook or keeps running around it/searching the area without any reason.

    If you saw scratchmarks or an other survivor and take a specific amount of time looking for them, or chasing someone around the hook, it is not camping. But coming back to the hook over and over again without reason is camping, in my opinion.

    Tunneling: when you see both, the unhooked and the unhooker and decide to go after the unhooked one again.

    If I got unhooked, run into your arms and you smack me, it is my own fault. However, if you see the unhooker or know where he went, but you don't even try to go for him and pick me up again, I'd might also consider it as tunneling.

    These things can completely ruin a game for one person and take the whole fun. And that's kinda sad, because that's what I play for. For me a game isn't necessarily a gg when I escaped, but when I had fun and maybe piped. As long as I had fun, I don't care if I get sacrificed or not.

    Same goes for me as killer. I play 80% survivor and 20% killer. We all play to have a good time (at least I think so) andI don't want to ruin it for anyone. Only exception are toxic people. I don't really let them provoke me, but if someone starts to tbag or flashlight spamming, I don't care anymore and simply hook them. But I never camp because for me it is boring.

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,936

    If you refuse to leave the hook when no one is around (and the doors aren't open), you are camping. It is also camping if you keep coming back to the hook every 5 seconds and hit the survivor the second they get off the hook.

    If you chase someone until they are dead and refuse to chase anyone else, you are tunnelling.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    Had a friend who once accused a Freddy of " long distance camping" so honestly I don't think people will ever NOT complain. Just ignore it or do what I do and send meme pictures that make no sense to the context of the game or conversation. Typically I find on PS4 you don't get many messages at all, I honestly love them!

  • TheALIENTheALIEN Member Posts: 327

    Dealing with salt? Raise a finger/tentacle/talon to that noise and block- has saved my sanity (what’s left of it) many a time Xx

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 726

    I tend to just hit them with a gg, block them and move on to my next game. Dont waste your time, get them bps.

  • TheALIENTheALIEN Member Posts: 327
    edited September 2019

    I tend to give them one of these ^.^

    THEY LOSE THEIR ######### MINDS 😚 xx

  • Blackowt_9120Blackowt_9120 Member Posts: 300

    I guess I’ll jus keep it at the gg from now on. I sent over a paragraph last night to dude explaining how wrong he was and that his boosted ass needed to go back to green ranks where he belonged. Woke up this morning and now I’m a hacker because he doesn’t understand how BT works, or in his case didn’t work. Next time I’ll be ready. Ive got sad panda and pretty good job so far memes ready.

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