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Bring back escape attempts for final survivor

Honestly i never understood why it was taken out to begin with. I get caught as the last survivor all the time after not getting downed the entire game just to not have a chance to try and escape. Like i literally just played a game where I was put on the hook right as the other survivor killed themselves (like i was still hearing the deep bwoooohm sound) and i didnt get a chance to escape the hook at all because i was the last survivor and the hatch had spawned like 5 feet away from me. if what youre worried about is survivors taking too long to die on hooks and making the killer wait then 1. maybe dont make it so hard to pip and we wouldnt be so keen on struggling pointlessly for like a solid minute, but more to the point 2. let us try to pull ourselves off the hook and if we dont make it off the hook just dont let us struggle when we get to struggle phase.


  • GregTheEggGregTheEgg Member Posts: 34

    This wont happen. The way the game is scored might get tweaked but the chances of being able to escape after being last on hook are so low devs are not going to design around the minority of games where hatches are near hooks. It is funny to me how this mechanic exists to stop survs from delaying an inevitable loss when early game DCs are pretty much a game ender for survs and nothing gets done about it.

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