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Played dbd mobile and

The frame rate was horrible I'm not sure if it was the game or my phone I'm using a samsung a20 that can run all my other games just fine on max graphics. The controls are decent but I don't like taping in the middle of the screen. The devs should make all the controls be on the side of the screen to avoid awkward hand movement. Other than that though it looks alright bloodmarkets good, alternet progression system is alright and it's still the good old dead by daylight we know and love. P.s bugs included p.s.s you can selfcare in lockers lol.


  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    How do you install it? Is it up right now I checked, but it’s not.

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 147

    Are you on android?

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 147

    I used an app called tap that is like an app store and you can search up dbd and participate in the beta but I don't know if you can get it on iOS.

  • EnviouSLAYEnviouSLAY Member Posts: 270

    i wouldn't have expected it to play well on mobile; let alone on switch when that comes out. DBD barely runs on the PC properly.

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 147

    Yea I have it on pc and it runs really bad but my pc is also kinda potato so it's not entirely the games fault but it should run better anyway.

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