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@Andy (China)
@Clyde (Russia)
@Giddawid (UK)

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@Aizeyu - French / Spanish
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@Ak1ma - Russian
@Donnary21st - Japanese
@Gay Myers (Luzi) - German
@Mocha (Korean)
@PSfix - Russian
@Sassy MamaBear
@Steve - Portuguese / Spanish
@Wickedy | Nina - German
@Xgpmcnp - French

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm PSfix - Russian Moderator for Dead by Daylight. I became a mod quite recently - July 2018. I don't have a special text for introduction, so I will be very brief.

    I'm playing DbD since July 2016 (yes, I can say that I'm a veteran).
    I don't have one beloved survivor. I'm playing on every survivors. Each is good in its own way.
    My favourite killers is Hillbilly and Huntress. In good hands, they are ready to do cool things.
    Don't forget to say hi if you see me in game.

    Contact me in Discord if you have any questions or anything. I'm always ready to help ;)
    For personal conversations: PSfix#8432
    Also you can find me on DbD Discord server:

    This is only the beginning.

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