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The Community Team Introduction

not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 1,055
edited December 2019 in Forum Rules & Info

Community Managers - Studio

@not_Queen - Lead Community Manager

Community Managers - Local

@Andy (China)
@Clyde (Russia)
@Donnary21st (Japan)

Customer Support

Associate Community Managers

In-game management (Bans & Appeals)
@Aizeyu - French / Spanish
@Dova - Russian
@Shiroku (Thomas)

Community Moderators - Coordinators

@Gay Myers (Luzi) - German

Community Moderators - Forums (Steam + Official)

@Ak1ma - Russian
@Metall_D - Russian
@PSfix - Russian
@GoogleCH - Spanish
@Gcarrara - Italian
@Rizzo90 - Italian
@Inji - Dutch
@LaraVermillion - German

Community Moderators - Discord

@Steve - Portuguese / Spanish

Community Moderators - Local Communities

@Barry - Chinese
@Mocha - Korean

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